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Sadie Robertson, Husband Christian Huff Celebrate One Year Anniversary

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit : Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Duck Dynasty star Sadie Robertson is celebrating her first anniversary with her husband, Christian Huff.

The young couple posted on Instagram a wedding picture of Sadie in her beautiful classic wedding dress, hugging Christian from behind, and he looks sharp in his black tuxedo. In Christian’s post, he shares his love for his wife.

“1 year ago from today we got married, and it’s been the best year of my life❤️ cheers to many many more my love 🤠 thank you for who you are and how you love so selflessly. Can’t wait to start out family together.🤰🏼”

Sadie Robertson’s Loving Post

Sadie also posted three pictures to her account of the couple on their wedding day. The first picture shows her handsome husband fixing his bowtie and smiling. The second picture is of the happy couple smiling at each other before kissing, and the final photo is of Robertson’s head from behind, which shows off her blinged-out veil and long silk white glove. It appears that everyone has their hands on the couple and has their heads bowed as they pray over them.

Sadie writes in her comment about how her love for her husband and the future dad has grown.

“a year ago today… I can’t imagine the past year of my life without this man right beside me. He is a treasure I tell you. A quiet confidence with a bold faith… a rarity of goodness and kindness – that is who He is. He loves so sweetly and strongly.”

“I loved you last year on this day, but wow how much more has my love grown reflecting back on this year with you and starting to grow a family with you. Gods design for marriage is stunning. I can truly say two are better then one. You make me better. Thank you for pursuing Jesus first, because I know that’s the greatest blessing of our marriage! Can’t wait for year 2 and then every year after that to come ❤️ happy anniversary my love :)”

In addition, the happy couple is expected to welcome their first child in 2021. Sadie is 17 weeks pregnant with a baby girl.

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