Sadie Robertson Looks Back on Massive Speaking Engagement From Last Year: ‘How a Year Can Change Things’

by Madison Miller

Sadie Robertson is celebrating a one-year milestone today.

This time last year Robertson was speaking in front of 65,000 people at the Passion Conference.

Speaking at Passion Conference

She reflects on just how much 2020 has changed things, “Wow, how a year can change things. last year we were in a room with 65,000 people and now that far exceeds any limit we have to keep. this year has been a tough one… a year of sickness, loss, pain, heartache, and limitations.”

While people aren’t able to attend the large annual conference this year due to the pandemic, Robertson tries to extend similar messages from the event.

“Honestly, this year – one year later, more people are gathering at the @passion268 conference. Not all I’m one room, but for ONE reason. To lift the name of Jesus. To remind each other that there is still life, still joy, still love, and still hope. We are ending this year the same way we started it. Together, for the renown of Jesus. one year later, everything different – except God.”

The Passion Conferences will be hosted online this year instead.

In a part of her speech, Robertson talks about how people search for happiness and answers on their cell phones through social media or other means.

She encourages people to pick up the Bible instead to find these answers. She quotes a passage that reads, “Seek and you will find.”

Although 2020 hasn’t given Robertson the opportunity to spread her beliefs to large groups in person, it has still been quite an eventful year.

Sadie Robertson Experiences Eventful 2020

Robertson actually contracted COVID-19 while she was pregnant. Her husband of one-year, Christian Huff, and she found out a baby was on the way earlier this year.

“I have not had an easy pregnancy. I had COVID really, really bad. I was sick for a solid 12 days, then for about two more weeks,” Robertson told Yahoo! Life.

Mixed with morning sickness, she ended up having a hard time keeping food down, which could have been bad for the baby. She said COVID-19 spread “like wildfire” in her family before she and her husband stopped it from spreading more.

She is expecting a healthy baby girl sometime soon.

Besides anniversaries, babies, and COVID-19, Robertson still managed to have a productive year. She partnered with World Vision, which is a Christian humanitarian group. She designed a ring called the Circle of Hope, which is made by women artisans in India. Those who donated $50 or more received a ring.

Robertson has been reminding people to stay strong and hope for better times in 2021.

“I just hope that we’re strong because of 2020. I hope that we stand a little taller, our faith is deeper, we love better. If anything this year, we’ve learned that life is definitely a gift. And things that are comfortable are a gift. Not everyone in the world gets to be comfortable,” she said.