Sadie Robertson Posts Stunning Photos from ‘Dreamy’ Baby Shower

by Will Shepard

Sadie Robertson is adding another member to the Duck Dynasty team soon. The granddaughter of Phil Roberston took to Instagram on Tuesday, March 23, to share some pictures from her baby shower.

In June of 2019, Sadie Roberston got engaged to Christian Huff. He is an Instagram star who has earned fame from his sports content, lifestyle photography, and modeling. Just five months later, their wedding happened on a gorgeous day in late November. Then, on October 4, 2020, the couple announced on Instagram that they are expecting a baby girl.

As the baby is due in a few short months, Sadie Roberston’s husband’s family decided to throw her a baby shower. Consequently, today, she got to share those pictures with her fans.

The pictures give a little glimpse into her baby shower, showing off just how amazing it looks. While the pictures likely don’t do Sadie Robertson’s shower any justice, they are still spectacular.

Sadie Robertson Has an Awesome Baby Shower for Her Soon-to-Arrive Daughter

Sadie Roberston captions her Instagram post appropriately. “Our last baby shower was so dreamy. [We are] feeling as ready as we can be for [this] baby girl to join us in the world. [Thank] you to my amazing husband’s family for throwing us such a beautiful shower. It was simply lovely.”

The pictures from the baby shower are absolutely stunning. Both Sadie Robertson and her husband, Christian Huff, are only 24 years old. Nowadays, that seems young to be having children, but for the vast majority of people, that isn’t all that young.

Even though the show, Duck Dynasty, finished back in 2017, the Robertson clan is still forging ahead. Sadie Robertson, in particular, is keeping herself busy. She has her own podcast called Whoa That’s Good, where she talks to a whole host of different people about life in general.

She is also heavily invested in promoting an app called Faithful. In this endeavor, she is helping to direct people towards Christian leadership.