Sadie Robertson Reveals Her 2021 ‘Word of the Year’ in New Message to Fans

by Katie Maloney

Sadie Robertson shares the inspiration behind her word of the year on Twitter and asks fans to join her in living “pure.”

Robertson shared a photo of herself smiling on the beach and wrote, “My 2021 WORD OF THE YEAR! My word is pure. Without any extraneous and unnecessary elements. My verse and inspiration is from Psalm 119:9 ESV.”

Sadie Robertson Asks Fans To Live ‘Pure’ With Her

Along with the photo, Robertson also shared the full message from her Instagram account. In the post she writes, “Just thought I’d share and maybe ask if y’all want to do it with me!”

Robertson then explains that she wants to purify her life from unnecessary “things, thoughts, doubts.” She says that this year, she doesn’t want to live with an endlessly busy schedule, countless different roles, and little time to relax. Instead, Robertson says that she wants to “purely pursue Jesus, purely be a wife, purely be a mom, purely be a friend, purely be a family member, and purely do my job.”

After the last year, simplifying life doesn’t sound like a bad idea, right? Robertson also shared the Bible verse that inspired her word of the year.

How Do You Simplify Your Life? Sadie Shares A Bible Verse For Inspiration

Robertson says that the verse that inspired her word of the year is Psalm 119:9 ESV.

‘”How can a young man keep his way pure? By guarding it according to your word,'” writes Robertson.

Robertson also acknowledged that talking about simplifying her life and actually doing it are two different things. She shared how living more purely is going to be a challenge.

“How am I going to do this when I have an overthinking mind, love to make myself busy, and have a hard time being still? By GUARDING myself to HIS word,” said Robertson.

Additionally, Robertson encouraged fans to join her in her pursuit of all things pure this year. She explained that because of all the things we’re exposed to these days, it’s especially important to rid ourselves of all that’s unnecessary.

“I think this could be a great thing for so many of us to focus on especially with all the noise we hear, read, and watch,” said Robertson. “In this day and age we are living with the apps we have, it really isn’t hard to see things we shouldn’t see, hear things we shouldn’t hear, and listen to things that don’t benefit our heart, soul, or mind by any means,” adds Robertson.

Robertson concludes by calling all her “friends” to join her this year.

“So join me, friends! Let’s ask God to create in us a PURE heart and renew a right Spirit within us!”