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Sadie Robertson Speaks Out on How Faith Has Helped Her Navigate the World of Celebrity

by Hunter Miller
(photo credit: C Flanigan / Contributor / Getty Images)

Even though Sadie Robertson Huff rose to fame with Duck Dynasty at the age of 14, she manages to keep herself grounded through her Christian faith. Over the weekend, the 23-year-old spoke out about handling being in the public eye since her teenage years.

“My life just dramatically changed really fast,” she said during an interview with Fox News. “You think about how social media affects any young person and then think about social media with millions of followers… [it] definitely will affect you in certain ways.”

Like many young adults, the daughter of Willie and Korie Robertson says she experienced “insecurity.” However, Sadie says she rooted her identity in her faith. “Not that I didn’t struggle with insecurity and didn’t have my hard days, but I felt like I always had just a grounding, you know, to not just completely lose it,” she said.

Sadie Robertson Relies on Faith During COVID-19

Not only did Sadie rely on her faith while filming Duck Dynasty, but also she says it helped carry her through the coronavirus pandemic. “It’s definitely been a huge, huge source of hope for me,” Robertson said. “We have hope that God is still with us here, to give us strength, to give us joy, to give us peace, to make us feel loved in the midst of a time where the world is really throwing things at you.”

Although Sadie’s famous family quit filming Duck Dynasty a couple years ago, she still connects with her millions of fans and followers. One major way she plans to interact with her fans in the near future includes hosting a virtual concert for COVID-19 relief.

The concert features a number of Christian recording artists and popular figures such as Hillsong, Kirk Franklin, and T.D. Jakes. Proceeds from the event go to World Vision, Compassion International, and Food for the Hungry.

Sadie also spoke out on why she feels so passionately about helping others during the pandemic. “I’ve seen kids who are hungry and who are living in poverty and who can’t afford clothes, who can’t afford school, can’t afford water,” she said. “So when you see that and you’re able to see the impact that your giving can make, you become an advocate for it.”

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