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Sadie Robertson Urges Followers to ‘Stand Firm in Faith’ Amid COVID-19 Pandemic

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

“Duck Dynasty” star Sadie Robertson urges her followers to have faith during the COVID-19 pandemic. Robertson, who recently recovered from the virus, shared passages of scripture.

In the Instagram post, Robertson said her grandmother compared 2020 to the political turmoil and turbulence during World War II. Robertson said right now the future is unknown.

“This year has been crazy, and there is so much unknown,” Robertson wrote. “More and more people are feeling the effects of the change we have had to adapt to every day. In fact, I asked my great-grandma yesterday if she remembers a time in her lifetime that felt like this and she said, ‘oh yes, world war 2.’ This is no joke.”

Sadie Robertson Urged Her Followers to Have ‘Faith’

Robertson discovered she contracted COVID-19 in October after feeling unwell. The “Duck Dynasty” star who is pregnant with her first child had to go to the hospital due to worsening symptoms. She described feeling weak from both the virus and morning sickness with terrible chest pain.

In the Instagram post, Robertson urged her followers to have faith in God and a higher power.

“It’s easy to try to reach out to comfortable things to cope with the change we are experiencing, except for it seems to be like daily we are stripped of our comfortability, so that is no longer an option,” Robertson wrote. “Which begs the question what do we hold on to… what do we stand firm in…?”

“Right here the Lord is speaking and basically telling the people that they could not possibly understand what is about to take place over the next 65 years…so they better hold on to faith,” Robertson continued. “I encourage you, friends, that in a day like this if you do not stand firm in faith it could be very challenging to stand firm at all. But like my grandma finished our conversation saying, ‘But I take hope in the fact that God is over it all.'”

Robertson closed the post with another passage from scripture.