SAG Awards Honors Bob Saget, Betty White, Sidney Poitier and More

by Maggie Schneider

The 28th annual SAG Awards aired last night. Its emotional In Memoriam segment pays tribute to many of the stars we have lost both last year and in the start of 2022.

The touching video honors many late stars, including Betty White, Bob Saget, and Sidney Poitier. James Michael Tyler, Willie Garson, and Norm Macdonald are also a part of the segment. Actress Maggie Gyllenhaal says a few words before the video begins.

“There’s been a lot of painful loss this year,” the 44-year old actress says.”Tonight we honor our peers who have gone before us. To them, we say thank you for your work and inspiration and in some cases, even thank you for being a friend.”

Watch the touching SAG Awards tribute video below.

Many viewers believe that the segment does these late stars and their achievements justice. Many comments claim that the combination of the music and longer video clips give each legend their own spotlight.

“This is the best In Memoriam I’ve seen in a long time. Music isn’t over powering, clips are shown, Oscars and all other awards should take note, this is how you do a In Memoriam,” one comment reads.

“Betty White and Sidney Poitier as the last two presented, such marvelous, marvelous actors and individuals! Rest in power!” another says.

‘Yellowstone’ Cast at the SAG Awards

The cast of Yellowstone shows their tight-knit bonds on the red carpet of the SAG Awards. In a quick interview with Access Hollywood, they explain what it is like to work with their best friends.

“Our showrunner cast the show perfectly. He knows all the personalities and he put them together, and we’re just like family,” Ian Bohen says.

Comparing their time on set to “camp,” the cast enjoys hanging out in Montana together.

“We all get to live in Montana together and make bonfires and actually hang out.”

The cast is thankful for the show’s success. They say that they believed in the story from the beginning.

“You do a pilot, you read it you think it’s great,” Bohen begins, “it’s on TV and you’re like ‘it’s really good. It could go somewhere.’ And it starts to catch on in a very even way, it’s kind of like a frog in boiling water. It seems the same to us but the response is amazing.”

Us Outsiders are happy to see the Yellowstone cast so happy. Plus, they are all looking gorgeous in their red carpet looks. I myself appreciate the matching floral pantsuit moments happening. The smiles and coordinated ensembles show that the Paramount+ show is more than just a series for these actors. We can’t wait for what Taylor Sheridan is cooking up next.