Sam Elliott Called Out People for Wanting to Take ‘Selfies’ With Him, Said Hollywood ‘Back in the Day’ Was Better

by Samantha Whidden

No selfies, please! A Star is Born actor Sam Elliott reveals how much he can’t stand self-portrait photographs with fans.

While discussing his experience with selfies, Sam Elliott tells Vanity Fair that at the Golden Globes there was a “circuitous path” into the ballroom and everyone was wanting to take selfies.

“They didn’t have cameras back in the day,” Elliott says. It was a lot easier. And a lot more fun. Now it starts with, ‘I’m such a fan.’ Ahh, just cut the sh—, you want a picture.”

Despite not being a fan of selfies, Sam Elliott says he knows he’s fortunate to be in Hollywood and enjoying it. “It’s not easy, but I’m enjoying it. I’m a big boy.”

Sam Elliott Reveals Why ‘A Star Is Born’ Was Different From Any Other Movies He Has Done

During his interview with Vanity Fair, Sam Elliott discusses his experience working on the set of A Star Is Born with co-star and director, Bradley Cooper.

“I had never met Bradley,” Elliott explains. “We connected immediately. We had dinner and talked about family, we talked about our moms.” After his initial discussion, Cooper told Sam he could trust him and that he wouldn’t be sorry for starring in the movie.

“The reason being that out of trust comes the truth,” Sam Elliott states. “If you trust somebody, odds are you are going to get the truth. And I think he did that. There is no bullsh—.”

Sam Elliott then admits the most challenging part of playing his character, Bobby, was his opening scene. “I had never laid eyes on Stefani [Lady Gaga] before. I had never worked with anyone on that crew before. I had never worked with Bradley before.”

He also says they shot the scene in the parking lot of Los Angeles’ Greek Theatre and were surrounded by people.

“I think we were using three cameras and people were everywhere and they were all looking at us.”

Sam Talks Acting Career & Who He Would Like to a Film Project With

Sam Elliott also shares who he would like to do a film project with. “I would have loved to have worked for [Steven] Spielberg in my career.”

He recalls auditioning for Raiders of the Lost Ark and auditioning as Indiana Jones.

“For Indiana Jones [my career] would have gone there instead of here,” Elliott states. “And I’m glad I’m here. But still would like to work for Spielberg sometime.”

Sam Elliott goes on to add that in regards to roles he goes for, he says he guides himself. “I have an incredible group of people around me. But this is a first [points to his publicist, Lisa Kasteler].”

He adds he had a publicist back when he was a contract player at Fox but hasn’t had one since.