Sam Elliott Detailed the Immense Workload Bradley Cooper Had on ‘A Star is Born’: ‘Can’t Say Enough’

by Shelby Scott

Sam Elliott gets a lot of credit for being a dedicated individual and actor both. However, he shared in an interview with Ain’t It Cool News that actor Bradley Cooper shares a similar work ethic. The interview explored a wide variety of points and roles Sam Elliott partook in previously. However, one of the biggest features throughout the interview touches on Bradley Cooper’s dedication to “A Star Is Born.”

The interviewer asked Elliott, “was it as hard for you to see or hear Bradley Cooper in that film as it was for me?”

To which, Sam Elliott had nothing but positive feedback surrounding the actor and director. For those who haven’t seen the film, Cooper’s version marks the fourth time the movie has been remade and features Lady Gaga as costar. It surrounds two musical artists. They each struggle through their own personal battles, learning how to best succeed despite their setbacks. Cooper’s character suffers from alcohol addiction and severe tinnitus as well.

“Bradley had such a load,” Sam Elliott said. Cooper “packed such a load” with the film according to the “1883” star. Overall, he built relationships and worked with people on all sides of the camera. He also played the role of this struggling character. Cooper learned to play the guitar and used a singing voice he had only just developed.

“[A Star Is Born is] an outstanding directorial debut and equally outstanding acting performance. I just can’t say enough about Bradley,” Sam Elliott concluded.

Sam Elliott’s Passion for Acting is Rooted In a Desire for Connection

Sam Elliott discussed the specifics of Bradley Cooper’s role in “A Star Is Born,” to the full extent.

Nevertheless, he also revealed that, despite the accolades he received from his performance, acting was never about rewards or recognition. “I got into this business wanting to make movies when I was a kid in Sacramento,” Elliott shared. “I used to go to the Sequoia Theater and watch a lot of Saturday matinees and got hooked on wanting to be an actor.”

Elliott has earned popular recognition and fame over the last several years across handfuls of unique and driving roles repeatedly. However, despite all the awards and recognition, Elliott shared, “It’s never been about rewards. It was always about the work. To be a part of this thing.”

And across the star’s numerous roles over his decades-long acting career, there is no doubt that along with the work, came with a lot of special and meaningful relationships.

Elliott expanded, stating he was happy to see people on “all sides of the camera for ‘A Star Is Born'” getting recognition. “I’m just grateful it’s all come my way and I feel very, very fortunate,” he said.