Sam Elliott Explained Why He Moved Out of California for Oregon in 2007 Interview

by Quentin Blount

Sam Elliott once relocated from California to Oregon before his freshman year of high school. Turns out he did the same thing years later.

We all know and love Sam Elliott for his deep, soothing voice and his iconic mustache. But there is much more to The Ranch actor than just that. Back in 2007, Elliott sat down with Sactown Magazine — the Sacramento region’s largest city magazine — to talk about why he moved out of California for a second time later in his life.

“I live in Malibu,” Elliott began, “But I’m fast approaching departure from lovely California, I’m sorry to say. I don’t know when, but we are going to head north, back to Oregon.”

Elliott is married to fellow actress Katharine Ross. She is perhaps best known for her role as Elaine Robinson in The Graduate.

“We have a place up there that we’ve had for 11 years, and my mom is 93 and she lives up there,” the Hollywood star explained. “I just want to dial things back a little bit, get out of this rat race down here, and savor life a little bit more.”

Sam Elliott Says There is a Little More ‘Elbow Room’ Up in Oregon

Who can really blame Sam Elliott for wanting to move up north? We certainly can’t here at Outsider. There isn’t much better than escaping the “rat race” for a little peace and quiet and to spend some time with an elderly family member. That said, we all know that sometimes it takes a little time to pick up and move everything on a whim.

“We’re slowly pulling up the digs. It’s easier said than done,” he said. “California is a beautiful state I just find that it is one of the most enriching places I’ve ever seen in my life, and I’ve traveled a lot. But there are just too many people, and they just keep coming. Up there, you’ve got elbow room.”

Elliott, of course, is the star of The Man Who Killed Hitler and Then the Bigfoot. He says that it’s hard to believe the way his hometown of Sacramento has changed over the years. Not only was he born in Sacramento, but he also spent his first 14 or 15 years of life growing up in the area.

“It always boggles my mind how big Sacramento is getting,” Sam Elliott added. “My niece actually just moved to Fresno, so I have no [family] there anymore, but I’d come back and visit her. I mean, Sacramento, Jesus, it used to be on old Highway 99, you know what I mean? That was the trip I always made to Southern California. My folks used to go a lot during the holidays because my mom had a sister down here. And now you get into this marathon drive on I-5. It’s another world.”