Sam Elliott Explains How He Blocks Out Hollywood Noise, Even During Recent Success

by Amy Myers

For seasoned actor Sam Elliott, he doesn’t have to look very far for success. In fact, he doesn’t have to search at all. Success tends to find him first.

Although the list of Elliott’s appearances and starring roles speak for themselves, the has received dozens upon dozens of nominations and awards over the years. From Western cinema like The Quick and the Dead to dramatic pieces like A Star Is Born and even a few comedy features in Parks and Recreation, Elliott has not only demonstrated his wide breadth of acting abilities but also his dedication to each and every role. And while Sam Elliott has always worked on some film or television project, it seems that within the past five or six years that his popularity has exploded.

But of course, this wasn’t the plan. Sam Elliott is following his instinct for quality material like he always has.

“It’s always been what’s on the page for me,” he told Motion Picture Association. “It’s the work. If it turns out to be a great film, that’s the bonus. But it’s the process itself and the experience of working with some really nice people that’s such a great gift. We’re all lucky to be able to do it.”

And Sam Elliott is true to his word. While discussing his 2015 film, I’ll See You in My Dreams, Elliott expressed how much he enjoyed working with his co-star, Blythe Dinner.

“She’s just a lovely lady. I’ve loved her from afar, like all of us have,” Elliott shared. “It’s just a gift this thing came along and I was determined to do whatever I could in service to the script and to my leading lady.”

Sam Elliott Says He’d Rather Do Films Than Voiceovers

Everyone loves to hear Sam Elliott’s voice on a Chevy commercial. The car franchise struck gold when they first had the quintessential American cowboy narrate their ad. Now, no one can picture the “Like a Rock” trucks without hearing Elliott’s low and rumbling voice and picturing the dusty gates in front of a ranch.

Besides auto commercials, Elliott has also used his pipes for voiceovers in animation series and films as well. Fans can hear his voice on adult animation shows like Family Guy and American Dad, or even more family-friendly features like Lady and the Tramp and The Good Dinosaur.

As easy as it would be for Sam Elliott to live off his royalty checks from his various voiceovers, that’s not who he is. A hardworking, hands-on kind of guy, Elliott shared that he has no interest in retirement from the set.

“This is what I do,” Elliott said. “I could just kick back and do voice-overs and live on that or live on bank accounts but I’d rather just keep making my mark in some respect. It’s entertainment; and that’s what I do.  I’ve wanted to do this since I was a little kid. I’m just so fortunate to be able to do it.”