Sam Elliott Gushes Over ‘Love of My Life’ Katharine Ross in 1985 Interview: Video

by Charles Craighill

Sam Elliott, the Hollywood cowboy we all know and love, has held a spot in America’s heart since the early 1970s. Most people know him for his roles in many Western films around that time. For instance, he starred in the 1985 movie Mask, which ended up being a timeless classic in American western cinema. That same year, he sat down for an interview to talk about his new role, his life, and his success.

In the interview, Sam Elliott also talks about marrying the love of his life, Katherine Ross. “This woman I married,” he said in the interview. “The love of my life. Katherine. Katherine Ross. I married Katherine Ross. I’ve been going with Katherine since 1978.”

As the interviewer points out, Sam Elliott has it all. The success, the movie star life, the beautiful woman. He even had a child with the gorgeous Katherine Ross at that point. Elliott replied in his smooth, cowboy style as always. “Real glutton, huh… I hope it all doesn’t give me a bellyache.”

Sam Elliott Talks About His Love For Westerns

Since he came onto the scene in the early 1970s, everyone knew that Sam Elliott would become the next big name in western cinema. However, it took him quite a while to finally land the perfect role. After his 1976 major film debut in The Lifeguard, Elliott only really appeared in miniseries for a while.

Finally, he came through in the mask, although he played more of a supporting role. In the interview, Elliott talks about how he got into westerns in the first place and why it took him so long to land the spot in Mask.

“When I first came down to Los Angeles I wanted to do Westerns,” Sam Elliott revealed to the interviewer. “I don’t know, I saw too many movies as a kid. That was the fantasy, I wanted to go down there and play cowboys and Indians. I’ve wanted to do it since I was a kid like I said, ten years old. I used to go to the theatre on the weekends and get turned on by the movies or whatever happened and think ‘I’d like to do that someday.'”

But, alas, as soon as he showed up, Hollywood stopped making western movies as much. “I tried not to take that personally,” he joked. He also talked about how nervous he was to start shooting the film.

“After fifteen years to go into a meeting and have Peter Bogdonovich sitting across the room from me,” Sam Elliott explained. “He set me for this picture over the course of the hour and a half that I talked to him. That really immediately just pumped me into a whole other thing that I hadn’t ever felt before. From the first time I was involved with some real high-class movie makers.”