Sam Elliott: How, When Watch the Icon’s Best Cowboy Movies in Honor of His Upcoming Birthday Weekend

by Shelby Scott
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Sam Elliott is Hollywood’s favorite modern cowboy and we’re here to provide you the run-down on how and when you can watch his best cowboy movies. During his upcoming birthday weekend, the Sam Elliott takeover runs on INSP TV, beginning this Friday at 8 PM ET. It will premiere as a three-day-long event.

The channel plans to show a collection of Sam Elliott Western favorites. Some include “The Sacketts,” “Conagher,” and “The Shadow Riders.” See more information on the premiere below.

While Sam Elliott seems to make numerous appearances in his Westerns that play on INSP TV, the channel itself is entirely dedicated to “Original series, timeless Westerns, [and] action-filled dramas & films.” More info on the channel can be found on the outlet’s Instagram page.

Sam Elliott Remains Humble Among Numerous Hollywood Awards & Recognitions

Despite the famous actor’s critical acclaim, Sam Elliott tends to block out “Hollywood noise.” Instead, he pursues quality roles that specifically speak to him. While his popularity has grown over recent years and various roles, Elliott continues to search for parts that speak to him, his values, and his integrity.

Elliott focuses his energy on “the experience of working with some really nice people,” in order to avoid Hollywood noise. He shared that it is truly a gift onset, during an interview with the Motion Picture Association.

Fans of the modern cowboy are majorly familiar with Sam Elliott’s famous baritone voice. After all, he regularly narrates beloved Chevy truck commercials. However, he’s shared he would much rather star in live film roles than do voiceovers. (What’s ironic, as a sidenote is that Elliott’s character on “The Ranch,” Beau Bennett, despises Chevy trucks; we can’t help but wonder if there’s an underlying story there).

Anyway, Elliot shared that though it would be easy to “kickback” and collect checks from using his trademark voice, he would rather “keep making [his] mark in some respect,” via his TV shows and film roles.

Taking Inspiration From Earlier Western Classics

Outsiders admire both Sam Elliott’s low, rumbling voice as well as his acting career. However, he revealed during a 2017 Zoomer interview that his favorite Westerns, while featuring idol John Wayne, are part of what inspires him.

He shares with interviewer Laura Grande that Jimmy Stewart and actor Gary Cooper were the “guys that [he] most appreciated with the kinds of roles that they played.” He highlighted that the pair “always seemed to be guys with real integrity in their lives.” For Elliott, both onscreen and in his personal life, honesty and transparency are two of the things that truly matter to him as an individual.

Because of his dedication to authentic and realistic roles, Sam Elliott’s career has seen and continues to see much longevity. As he shared during the Zoomer interview, it seems the actor will leave behind a meaningful legacy.