Why Sam Elliott Calls ‘A Star is Born’ Actor Lady Gaga By Her Rarely-Used Real Name

by Anna Dunn

Lady Gaga and Sam Elliott famously worked together on the Oscar-winning film, A Star is Born, and Sam Elliott rarely called Gaga by her stage name.

Instead, Elliott simply preferred to call her her real name, Stefani. Elliott, who is in absolute awe of the pop superstar, said in an interview with Glenn Close that Lady Gaga didn’t ask him to call her that, but the two settled on it.

“She was just this regular girl on some level,” he said “This… Stefani.”

He also told Glenn Close that she was “stunning to work with.”

It’s not like Lady Gaga wasn’t on board with her co-worker and friend calling her Stefani. In fact, she enjoyed it. In an interview with Deadline, Elliott said that there was one time he broke that pattern and called her by her stage name.

“I called her Gaga one time,” the actor said. “It might’ve been at the Governor’s Awards, or somewhere in front of an audience. I referred to her as Gaga and she said, “You wanted to call me Stefani!” Backstage I said, “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it.”

During the interview with Deadline, Elliott was described as a “proud father” of Lady Gaga.

“That’s how I felt,” he said, “That’s how I feel in some ways. She’s two years younger than my daughter.”

Sam Elliott Tries to Live a Humble Life

For Elliott, staying out of Hollywood drama is important, even when working in the industry. He tries to stay down to earth by surrounding himself with his family and his animals. In a 2015 interview with Vulture, he spoke about staying humble.

“We stay out of town, and we don’t get in too deep. We don’t believe all the sh*t in the rags. And we work hard. Katharine and I have a lot in common. We’ve got a 30-year-old daughter that we’re deeply in love with and still incredibly close to. Life’s good. We live in Malibu and have horses and dogs and cats and chickens. We shovel sh*t, man. That keeps you humble,” he said.

Elliott’s been in the entertainment industry for decades. He’s been acting since the late 60s, where he made small appearances on The Way West and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. He’s known for his work on Tombstone, Gettysburg, Hulk, Ghost Rider, and Justified.

Even with all of his amazing work over the years. A Star is Born earned him his first academy award nomination. Clearly, he found himself quite the friend in Lady Gaga during production.