Sam Elliott Once Co-Starred in Western With Reba McEntire

by Madison Miller

Besides a legendary career in country music, Reba McEntire has also made several marks in the world of film and television.

Her most known role is obviously on the sitcom that shares her name, “Reba.” She played Reba Hart from 2001 to 2007. However, before that, she was in movies like “Tremors,” “The Little Rascals,” and “One Night at McCool’s.”

Fans of the classic Western series “Maverick” may recognize her appearance in “The Gambler Returns: The Luck of the Draw.” Reba McEntire starred alongside Western stars like Chuck Connors, Gene Barry, and Johnny Crawford.

As for Sam Elliott, the renowned actor is known for his role in films or TV shows like “The Hero,” “The Big Lebowski,” “A Star Is Born,” and “The Ranch.” The two crossed paths once.

Reba McEntire and Sam Elliott ‘Buffalo Girls’

McEntire once had a role alongside longtime Western and mustache icon, Sam Elliott. The two each had a role in the two-part TV miniseries called “Buffalo Girls” in 1995. She played Annie Oakley and Elliott played Wild Bill Hickok.

Other names in the project include Anjelica Huston, Melanie Griffith, Peter Coyote, Liev Schreiber, and Gabriel Byrne.

The miniseries is an adaptation of Larry McMurtry’s novel. It was nominated for two Golden Globes as well as several Emmy awards. It won an Emmy for sound mixing. The goal of the miniseries was to showcase the women of the Wild West.

Western series and films typically always have a male lead with women as side characters. “Buffalo Girls” looked to tell the women’s story.

Calamity Jane tells the story of the diminishing Wild West from her cowgirl point of view. Additionally, it also celebrates the other women in her life. Jane is searching for her lost daughter and travels through the wildlands to reach her.

Along the way, she grows closer to her friend Dora. The show explored the friendship between the three women: Jane, Dora DuFran, and Annie Oakley. Sam Elliott and Floyd Red Crow Westerman are love interests in the film.

Elliott Voice Career

“Buffalo Girls” was the only production in which Reba McEntire and Sam Elliott crossed paths.

Sam Elliott is an infamous cowboy and has explored a lot of Western roles. However, it was his role in “A Star Is Born” that earned him his only Oscar of his career. It was for Best Supporting Actor.

Besides movies and TV, Elliott’s voice has become the trademark of his career. His deep, slow, and raspy voice has appeared in countless forms over the years. From beef commercials, a Joe Biden presidential ad, Coors beer, and even Doritos or Chevy commercials.

In “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” the actor explained the origin of his voice acting career. He also said some Lady Gaga lyrics using his iconic voice. Elliott saying “Gaga, Ooh la-la” is iconic.

However, Elliott once also lent his voice to Smokey Bear in 2007 to tell people to be cautious of forest fires. According to Mental Floss, the message was something that hit close to home for the actor.

His wife, Katharine Ross, watched her house burn to the ground in 1978. It was caused by a campfire that had spread out of control. Elliott even shares a birthday with the forest fire mascot.