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Sam Elliott Explained Why ‘Parks & Rec’ Star Nick Offerman is ‘Probably Responsible’ for Current Success

by Robert Davis
(Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images)

Legendary actor Sam Elliott recently told Business Insider that “Parks & Rec” star Nick Offerman is “probably responsible” for Elliot’s current success.

Elliott told the news website that appearing on “Parks & Rec” as Ron Swanson’s doppelganger was the moment that lifted everything into place. He added that he’s glad it worked out the way it did, regardless of whether Offerman intended for it to or not.

“I can’t imagine that those writers and producers didn’t got to Nick and say, “Who do you want to play this character, since it’s a reflection of you?” And I think Nick was the one who came up with [the idea],” Elliott told the news website.

Sam Elliott Appears on “Parks & Rec”

“Parks & Rec” is a sitcom on NBC that chronicles the lives of employees of the Department of Parks and Recreation in Pawnee, Indiana. The show’s star-studded cast includes Amy Poehler, Rashida Jones, Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari, and Nick Offerman, among many others.

Sam Elliott appears in the series as Ron Dunn between 2013 and 2015. Dunn is the complete opposite of Offerman’s libertarian character Ron Swanson. Dunn is from Eagleton and is also a hippie. He’s also a vegan.

Swanson retains is leadership role in the department following a merger of the Pawnee and Eagleton Parks & Rec departments. Though Swanson no longer respects Dunn, he still views him as a little brother.

The role is a bit of a departure for Elliott. Elliott is better known for his work as a character actor in westerns.

Success Following His Departure from “Parks & Rec”

After appearing on “Parks & Rec.”, Elliot went on to appear in several more stereotypical roles. He appeared in an independent western film titled “The Hero” as a cowboy named Lee Hayden. Elliott also appeared in the television series “The Ranch” for four years as Beau Bennett.

Sam Elliott has also done voice acting work in animated adult series such as Robot Chicken, American Dad, and Family Guy.

Elliott currently has one project in post-production with another one announced for the near future, according to IMDB. He recently finished filming a documentary called The Gettysburg Address, a “full history” of one of Abraham Lincoln’s most famous speeches. Elliott appears in the film as the voice of Will Hill Lamon, a personal friend a bodyguard of President Lincoln.

In an upcoming series called “MacGruber”, Elliott will play the leading role of Perry. The series is a show based on a Saturday Night Live parody of MacGuyver, the popular series from the 1980s. Elliott appears alongside other legendary actors such as Laurence Fishburne and comedians like Kirsten Wiig.

The show will air as an eight-episode comedy series. The release date for the series debut episode remains unknown.