Sam Elliott Revealed One Important Piece of Advice His Dad Taught Him

by Keeli Parkey

A few years ago, Sam Elliott shared some words of wisdom his father taught him. Those words rang true when the popular actor heard them for the first time, and they still ring true today.

Elliott talked about his father’s advice during a 2017 interview with Sam Jones on The Off Camera Show. Toward the end of the interview, Jones remarks that success often comes when people discover “a little advantage they found that they exploited, that was sort of unique to their story.”

This prompted Elliott to talk about how hard work helped make him a success. Turns out, he learned the value of hard work from – you guessed it – his father. And what his father had to say on the matter is really great advice for all walks of life.

“It’s that work ethic,” Sam Elliott said in 2017. “That’s one of the things my dad taught me: Always do more – even if it’s just a little more – always do a little more than what’s expected of you.”

You can watch Sam Elliott’s interview with “The Off Camera Show” below. He shares the advice his father gave him around the 2:20 mark of the video.

Sam Elliott Also Said His Father Thought He ‘Was A Total Idiot’ For Becoming An Actor

The advice about hard work was not the only story Sam Elliott shared about his father during that 2017 interview. He also shared how his father felt about his decision to become an actor.

Turns out, his father wasn’t all that thrilled with Elliott’s choice of profession. According to Elliott, his father thought his son wanting to be an actor was pretty dumb.

“My dad died thinking I was a total idiot for wanting to be an actor. He said, ‘You’ve got a snowball’s chance in hell of having a f*****g career,'” Sam Elliott said.

While he didn’t need his father to approve of his profession, Elliott did care what his father thought about him as a person.

“I never thought about it as trying to, having a need to prove something to him, other than that I wanted him to be proud of me,” the actor also said.

Unfortunately, Sam Elliott’s father passed away when Sam was only 18 years old. His father was 54 years old at the time of his death. He reportedly had a heart attack at their home. Elliott and his family resided in Portland, Oregon, at the time.

According to IMDB, the actor’s given name is Samuel Pack Elliott. He was born in Sacramento, California, on Aug. 9, 1944. His father was Henry Nelson Elliott. His mother was Glynn Mamie (Sparks). Henry worked as a predator control specialist at the Department of the Interior. Glynn taught physical training in high school. Both of them were originally from Texas.