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Sam Elliott Explains Why ‘Road House’ Costar Patrick Swayze Was a ‘Texas Gentleman’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

He appeared alongside Patrick Swayze in the film 1989 action film Road House, and now Sam Elliott is opening up about the late actor.

During a recent interview with the Hollywood Reporter, Sam Elliott stated that while he doesn’t actually think the film is great, he does say he loved Swayze, ”He was quite a man. He was the sweetest guy you can imagine. He was an incredible gentleman. He was born in Texas and just had this Texas gentleman thing about him. And he had an incredible work ethic.”

Directed by Rowdy Herrington, Road House was about a tough bouncer that was hired to tame a dirty bar. Swayze played the “cooler” guard at the bar and protected a small Missouri town from a corrupt businessman. Sam Elliott was a fellow bouncer as well as a mentor and friend of Swayze’s character. Unfortunately, the film wasn’t popular in its time. It scored various nominations from the Razzie Awards. This included Worst Picture (Joel Silver), Worst Director (Herrington), and Worst Actor (Swayze). 

Sam Elliott also noted that the film struck a chord with a lot of people. “I know it was a lot of fun doing it. But I think on some levels it was some mindless male fantasy film.”

Sam Elliott Spoke About the Various Roles He Has Held Over the Years

Although he is known for his work on various Western films, Sam Elliott has also taken on some roles outside the genre as well, this includes two Marvel films, Hulk and Ghost Rider.

While speaking about signing on to any comic book films anytime soon, Sam Elliott shared, “I think I am way too old for the superhero thing at this point. But, I am open to doing anything as long as it’s good stuff. Again, it goes back to what’s on the page. If it’s something I can do and something I can believe in, I am all for it.”

Sam Elliott then spoke about his involvement with Family Guy. “I am having a good time. I was doing a show called The Ranch, and that is where it came to me. Ashton Kutcher’s wife, Mila [Kunis], who plays Meg in the cartoon, came to me right after Adam West had passed away and said, ‘Family Guy wants you to come and be yourself as the new mayor of Quahog.’”

He then recalled telling Kunis that he was flatted but didn’t want to play in anything. About a month later, the Family Guy crew came back with the idea about a Wild West character that was Adam’s cousin. “And I said, “Yeah, I’ll do that.” It is a different world, but they are brilliant in their own right. The table read for the first episode was one of my favorites because of the laughter.”