Sam Neill Visits His ‘Old Friend’ for Hilarious Pig Feeding

by Jennifer Shea

Actor Sam Neill, best known for the TV series “Peaky Blinders” and the movie “Jurassic Park,” recently visited an old friend.

Neill’s “friend,” as it turns out, is an adorable and very friendly pig.

“Where’s the pig? Oh, there you are!” Neill says, as the agreeable little guy comes galloping out of the woods to meet him. “How long do I have to wait? … Say please. Just stand back.”

Watch Neill feeding his old pal here:

Sam Neill Calls Out Lego Over ‘Jurassic Park’ Set

The actor recently made a humorous discovery when he was signing a Lego “Jurassic Park” toy set for a charity auction.

“Okay #LEGO. This is not a little insulting. Look carefully at the right of the box. Beside each model, a shot of the character. Beside #AlanGrant — a what? A TOILET !? Is this a commentary on my performance? What were you thinking!? Hilarious,” Neill tweeted at the toy company.

By way of apology, Lego offered a clever reply to Neill’s tweet which referenced the scene in the movie in which the lawyer is killed by a Tyrannosaurus Rex while sitting on the toilet.

“As iconic as the toilet scene is, this is the last time we’ll ever trust a T. rex for final sign-off – on packaging or tweeting!” the company replied.

Neill Tweets About ‘Jurassic Park’ Toys

That was not the first time Neill had taken exception to his representation in toy form, according to The Hollywood Reporter. He also recently voiced mild alarm over an action figure of his character with a removable head.

“Got sent [an] alarming pic of model Alan Grant with REMOVABLE head and hands! (And generous cricket protector). Is this for would-be young murderers to play with? Regardless — could the manufacturer send some, my kids want them?! Only slightly worried,” Neill posted to Twitter.

Looks like Neill’s kids have seen “Jurassic Park,” too. Either that or they’d like to take revenge on his toy likeness every time he sends them to their rooms as punishment.

Neill will be back in another “Jurassic Park” movie – “Jurassic World: Dominion” – that is due out on June 10, 2022. The Universal film also stars Laura Dern and Jeff Goldblum.