‘Saturday Night Live’ Facing Backlash from Cast Members over Elon Musk Hosting

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Win McNamee/Getty Images)

The longest-running sketch show in television history is known just as much for its controversy as it is comedy. So tapping Tesla & SpaceX’s Elon Musk to host in 2021 will surely quell the flames.

In his most genuinely unexpected move of 2021 to date, “Saturday Night Live”s venerable mastermind, Lorne Michaels, wants SpaceX & Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk, to host his show. Musk is as peanut butter to controversial jelly as SNL, so it’s a match made in heaven, right?

Not really. Musk’s May 8 hosting date is right around the corner, yet already feels as if it’s gone poorly. From the Twittersphere to CNN, the internet’s consensus is loud: “Elon Musk Doesn’t Deserve to Host SNL” (the latter’s headline on the matter).

And now, two SNL stars are echoing these very sentiments ahead of the Tesla CEO’s Season 46 stint. Mostly, however, because Elon Musk himself is really enjoying the internet’s pushback.

“Let’s find out just how live Saturday Night Live really is,” our universe’s version of Tony Stark tweeted Saturday with a devil emoji fit for a real-world supervillain. Stark redeemed himself, Musk. C’mon man!

Anyway, this interesting tweet immediately spurned backlash from two SNL cast members: most notably comedy & internet sensation Bowen Yang.

Posting to his Instagram stories, Yang fired back on Musk’s tweet with a poised “What the f**k does that even mean?”

Now there’s some long-missing SNL energy.

‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast Members Aren’t Here for Elon Musk’s Shenanigans

Backing up Yang is his co-star Andrew Dismukes. Far newer to the audiences, Dismukes is a writer-turned-featured-player this season who is proving relatively un-gun-shy.

“Only CEO I wanna do sketch with is Cher-E Oteri,” he posts to his own stories. Sure, he had to stretch a bit to make SNL legend Cheri Oteri’s name fit the bill, but what else should we expect from an SNL writer?

Citing the entire affair, TVLine also notes they have “reached out to NBC for comment” Monday, but have yet to receive and/or post a response.

As for Elon Musk’s SNL debut, he’ll make his debut alongside a show favorite, Miley Cyrus. Cyrus has been a musical guest five times prior, making Musk’s inaugural stint (if it happens) her sixth. Lorne Michaels is, after all, a very smart man. Pairing Musk with a popular vet like Cyrus is certainly one way to up the ante while also playing it safe for audiences.

Michaels’ sketch giant hasn’t been live since April 10, either. Then, Oscar-nominated actor Carey Mulligan’s first time hosting was a sensical move. As have been the rest of Season 46’s MCs. Indeed, following hosts like Chris Rock, Kristen Wiig, Regina King, Maya Rudolph… Bill Burr, John Mulaney, Dave Chapelle, Jason Bateman, and John Krasinski with Elon Musk is a stark departure. Pun intended.

Maybe that’s the point. Whether it all plays out for Musk or not, SNL fans and Outsiders will at least have Miley Cyrus to float the bill come Saturday night, May 8.