‘Saved by the Bell’ Stars Tiffani Thiessen, Lark Voorhies, Elizabeth Berkley Recreate Throwback Pic

by Anna Dunn

One member of the Saved By the Bell cast just posted an adorable throwback pic. Saved By the Bell was a sitcom following a group of high schoolers. While Saved By the Bell is long over, Tiffani Theissen still loves to reminisce with fans. The photo features herself, Lark Voorhies, and Elizabeth Berkley.

“We should have formed a band. Wait…” the caption said. This of course references the girl group the three had called Hot Sundae.

Fans thanked Theissen for the nostalgia, but if they want more, they could easily tune in to the new Saved By the Bell reboot.

‘Saved By The Bell’ Has A Revival Show

All three actresses recently reunited to reprise their roles for NBC’s upcoming reboot. The reboot launched on NBC’s streaming service, peacock, last November. Season two is in production.

Earlier this summer, actress Elizabeth Berkley shared a photo on the set of the show with former castmates Mario Lopez and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. Berkley described being on the Saved By The Bell re-boot after so many years apart from her castmates like coming home.

“It’s a very special thing we share,” Berkley told PEOPLE “It’s touching to have all these years of people that you care about and that you’re rooting for. To be on those same sets with those faces I know and love so well feels like coming home.”

But the re-boot also has plenty of new cast members to keep things fresh and current. However, the cast recognizes just how important the legacy of the show is.

“We wanted to introduce a new cast but also give fun winks and nods for the true fan,” Berkley explained “Saved by the Bell holds a special place in people’s hearts. It’s part of their childhoods, and that is sacred. We are all fiercely protective of that legacy.”

The Reboot Came When Fans Needed A Distraction

And for her, during the height of the pandemic, a show like Saved By the Bell couldn’t be revived at a better time.

“We all need this right now,” Berkley explained. “For a nostalgic show to bring some happiness to this world, that is really meaningful.”

In a separate interview, Berkley talked about season 2. Season 1 of the show was met with relative success. Showrunner Tracey Wigfield understood the importance of the show and enlisted former cast members, Elizabeth Berkley and Mario Lopez to help out with developing the series and its characters.

Now, season two is on its way.

“There are fun twists and plot twists in storylines for us that I think people are going to really have fun with, whether it’s Easter eggs that are embedded in the show — that just hearkens back to the original — or in new connections,” Berkley said.

Not many shows could pull off a reboot of this caliber after so many years, but Saved By The Bell was always special. The charming and lighthearted series has an incredibly important place in the hearts of its fans, both young and old.