Scarlett Johansson is Pregnant with First Child, According to Husband Colin Jost

by Shelby Scott

Black Widow has gained a lot of love from Marvel Universe fans around the world. However, the “Black Widow” actress Scarlett Johansson will soon gain a new little admirer. According to the actress’s husband Colin Jost, the couple is pregnant with their first child.

According to Page Six, pregnancy rumors began flying when the actress skipped out on several new movie events back in June. The earlier pregnancy speculations began when Johansson participated in few promotional interviews and events. This was strange as she both starred in and acted as an executive producer to the new movie “Black Widow.” Additionally, the inside source said it was surprising behavior from the beloved actress as “Black Widow” itself “is a huge Marvel/Disney release.”

With the cat is out of the bag, things are starting to add up. For example, it makes sense why at the end of June, the Marvel icon made interviews and appearances over Zoom. The virtual interviews make a lot more sense seeing the actress was apparently keeping things under wraps about her pregnancy.

Additionally, we hope Jost okayed the announcement with his wife seeing she personally has made no comment yet. Otherwise, Jost may face her wrath if he proceeded in making the announcement without her go-ahead. Nevertheless, we wish the famous couple the best in their latest adventure. We hope to hear more from Johansson herself very soon.

Scarlett Johansson is Suing Disney Over New Movie Agreement

Scarlett Johansson followers who have been paying attention to the media are already aware of the actress’s current legal hardships. Nevertheless, as of June, the Marvel actress and Disney are not on friendly terms. Apparently, and what appears to be on behalf of Disney, the two parties won’t ever be. According to Page Six, the actress’s contract was breached when the internationally recognized brand released “Black Widow” on Disney+.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Disney breached the contract with the actress when they released the brand new film on the Disney+ movie platform at the same time the movie was released in theaters. Further, the news outlet stated the actress’s contract “guaranteed an exclusive theatrical release.”

Apparently, Johansson’s income from the role was solely based on how “Black Widow” did in theaters. With the release of the movie streaming on the Disney+ platform as well, it will most likely reduce the actress’s overall earnings.

Journalist Tomris Laffly released a scathing statement recently. The statement surrounded Disney’s abrupt response when the brand giant claimed Johansson had “no merit whatsoever” in filing the lawsuit. “I don’t care how rich Scarlett Johansson already is,” Laffly said. “She was f—ed over through a breach of contract and she should sue.”

Not only that, but the journalist punctuated the comment with, “You can’t really claim that you support professional women to demand what they’re worth and promised and then be like, ‘Except her, she’s doing fine as is.'”