How ‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Found Fame in US After Being Born in Ireland

by Samantha Whidden

He has continued to soak up some spotlight over the past few years thanks to his role on SEAL Team, and AJ Buckley previously revealed how he managed to find fame in the U.S. after being born in Ireland. 

During a 2018 interview, the SEAL Team star opened up about being from Dublin, Ireland. “The acting bug started back when I was in Ireland,” Buckley recalled. “As Irish people, it’s in our blood as performers and storytellers.”

The SEAL Team actor also discussed how he always remembered the sound of laughter.

“I remember turning around to the audience, looking and seeing what that sound was. Because the sound of the laughter was in my ears. I asked my mom and dad what those people were on stage. They said those are actors. My mom has me on tape that Christmas saying that I wanted to be an actor.”

When asked how did he get into acting after that experience, the SEAL Team castmate shared he fell in love with movies. Once he and his family emigrated to Vancouver, Canada. he started playing soccer, sports, and doing various things. “But I just had these ideas in my head of films and being in a movie or on stage. I was always performing.”

The SEAL Team star then stated that although he struggled with having dyslexia, acting actually helped with the struggles.

“But with acting, all of those problems went away. I was free for the first time. I had no issues with understanding the dialogue or what the intention was. It kind of clicked for me and it made me feel empowered in a sense that as a young kid I could say these lines without it messing up my brain.”

‘SEAL Team’ Star AJ Buckley Recalls His First Acting Gigs 

While continuing his interview, SEAL Team star AJ Buckley recalled his first acting gigs. “At the age of 17, I booked a film with director David Nutter. It was called Disturbing Behavior. It was Katie Holmes, James Marsden, and Nick Stahl.”

Buckley then stated that Nutter gave his parents a call and said that his character tested high at the screenings and that he should come to Los Angeles.

“My 18th birthday was coming up and my parents were a little apprehensive. But David said we’ll all look out for him and take care. So I came down and got an agent.”

Buckley then noted that the agent sent him out to an audition, which led to his first audition being booked. “That let me to staying for a while – 23 years later.”

In regards to his role as Sonny on SEAL Team, Buckley added that it is a dream role for him because it follows Navy SEALs. “They are the best of the best.”