‘Seal Team’: Are Stella and Clay Having a Baby?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo:CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Seal Team fans rejoice; you’re expecting a baby! Stella and Clay haven’t been married very long, but in season 5 episode 2, Stella broke some big news to Clay. She revealed she’s pregnant, and was initially worried about how Clay would take it. But, he seemed overjoyed at the news.

Stella and Clay have had a rocky road over the previous 4 Seal Team seasons; they met at a bar, dated, he met her parents, she broke up with him because of his dangerous job; she moves to California for work, but eventually comes back to Virginia for Clay, revealing that she still loves him, but he chooses another woman; amidst tragedy, they stay “friends,” but secretly are still in love; realizing this, they finally reconcile. Clay proposes, and they marry. Now, they’ve got a bun in the oven, and things are looking better than ever.

But, could this news possibly put Stella in danger? Is this just one of those “character development” things where we get to see Clay struggle to be a father? Or is this foreshadowing that something could happen to Stella and the baby?

My vote is character development, showing Clay’s softer side as he prepares to become a parent. But, only time will tell as the stories on Seal Team unfold.

‘Seal Team’: Jason’s Headaches and Ray’s PTSD

Jason Hayes, meanwhile, has been dealing with frequent headaches in the first two episodes of the new Seal Team season. As possibly a result of being in the field for so many years, he’s suffering from headaches and memory loss along with it.

In the second part of the two-part season opener, when Jason and Clay are maneuvering through a minefield, Jason forgot the telescoping rod that would safely get them through. He has to send Clay back to get it, but that’s going to look bad if anyone else finds out about it. The memory loss could possibly lead to him becoming incompetent in the field. It’s possible he’s had too many concussions and now things are going to get serious. All speculation, of course. We’ll have to tune in to the rest of the season to find out what happens there.

Another character who’s having some mental health issues is Ray Perry. Ray was captured by terrorists in season 4 and subsequently tortured, and now he’s dealing with PTSD from his ordeal. In the new episode, he finally divulged this information to his team. Apparently, he’s started getting help for his condition, which is great news for the character and the team.

But, will these revelations mean a leave of absence for either Jason or Ray? Doesn’t seem like it, as these issues will just be used to develop the characters further and make them stronger. Again, only time will tell as the season continues.