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‘SEAL Team’: Before Success, AJ Buckley Was Living in His Car While Chasing His Dream

by Matthew Memrick
Photo: Screengrab/CBS

“SEAL Team” star AJ Buckley’s road to acting success started with a bit of car living like many stars who pursued their acting dreams.

Buckley said he lived out of his car for a year. Dr. Phil, Chris Pratt, Kelly Clarkson, Jim Carrey, William Shatner, and Tyler Perry had some time sleeping in their cars before making it big in showbusiness.

“It hasn’t been an easy road by any sense. I lived out of my car for over a year, but to be honest,” Buckley said.

But the 43-year-old Buckley, who has three kids with his wife Abby, said he wouldn’t “trade any of those moments.”

The star said they defined him as an artist, husband, father, and man.

‘SEAL Team’ Star Worked Hard

The Irish-Canadian actor often reflects on his journey and struggles to get to the hit CBS and now Paramount+ drama.

“I had so much self-belief and had a dream that was such a burning fire inside of me that none of it intimidated me,” the “SEAL Team” star told online magazine Talk Nerdy With Us

Buckley credited his mom and dad for being a part of his “incredible” support system. He said their “love and emotional support” helped him find his way to acting success.

Directors Formative For ‘SEAL Team’ Star

The “SEAL Team” star starred in a small role as “Dude” with fellow Canadian actor Tyler Labine in the 1996 “War of the Coprophages” episode. The plot revolves around Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) looking into a series of deaths caused by metallic cockroaches. Late director Kim Manners directed the episode, and Buckley stayed in touch, working with the man again for the “Supernatural” series. Buckley played Ed Zeddmore on the show.

It was Manners and another director David Nutter who Buckley credited early in his career. Nutter’s “Disturbing Behavior” movie helped get Buckley’s foot in the door. He worked more films and TV roles, like “NYPD Blue” from that point on.

“SEAL Team” star said Nutter’s advice to his parents about moving to Los Angeles was important too. In Nutter’s film, Buckley worked in “In A Class of His Own” with longtime star Lou Diamond Phillips and Labine again.

The star said he was grateful for his time with the two directors. They were there for help and advice, with Buckley saying the men “have always gone above and beyond for me.” 

Buckley Mourns Actor Friend Freeman

In a recent Instagram post, the “SEAL Team” star talked about the shock of hearing about actor Heath Freeman’s death.

Buckley said Freeman was the second friend in two weeks that he lost, and he’s struggling to understand life at the moment.

The star posted a picture that he took of Freeman at his brother’s Austin, Texas house over ten years earlier. Buckley caught up with Freeman in random “catchups” and “check-ins” despite their busy lives.

Buckley said he’ll miss Freeman’s “infectious” laugh, late-night ramblings, and the culinary experiences in visits to Freeman’s house.