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‘SEAL Team’: Could the Team Be Without One Character Moving Forward?

by Lauren Boisvert
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“SEAL Team” is currently in its 6 seasons and a movie era, but could it be heading there without one of its main stars? Earlier last fall, Max Thieriot was in talks to write and produce a pilot for CBS based on his life living in Northern California fire country. Titled “Cal Fire,” it follows an inmate named Bode as he searches for redemption with an inmate firefighting program.

Now, the show has been picked up for a pilot. Thieriot is set to star as well as write and produce. We’re wondering if “Cal Fire” is going to eat up his time on “SEAL Team.” Could Thieriot feasibly do both?

It’s possible; “SEAL Team” and “Cal Fire” could have alternating filming schedules, so he could do both. It would definitely be a busy year, that’s for sure. Then there’s the possibility that Thieriot is leaving “SEAL Team” for his new show.

In the season 5 finale, Clay told Jason that he was stepping away from Bravo to spend more time with his family. Could that be the excuse to write Clay off the show and get Thieriot on “Cal Fire”? Possibly. Or, when “SEAL Team” picks up again for season 6, the show could kill off Clay completely. Or, at least injure him sufficiently enough that he can’t deploy with Bravo anymore. There are a few options for writing Thieriot off the show. It all comes down to which one “SEAL Team” will use, if they’re writing him off at all.

With “SEAL Team” and “Cal Fire” both attached to ViacomCBS networks, it’s feasible that they could work something out; Thieriot could possibly appear on both shows. It also comes down to how much training is going to be involved on “Cal Fire”; that takes up a lot of time as well. But, I feel like Thieriot’s status on “SEAL Team” could definitely benefit him on the grueling physical demand of “Cal Fire.”

What to Know About the ‘SEAL Team’ Movie So Far

Right now, we know there’s going to be a movie on Paramount+, and that’s about all we know. We haven’t heard when it’s going to premiere, or what it’s going to be about. I predict that it could go one of two ways: either expand and continue storylines from the series; or give us a prequel of the early days of Bravo.

Given that all the regular cast members signed on for the film, I’m thinking it’s not going to be a prequel. Unless it’s a mix of the two, with flashbacks telling the early story. That’s definitely possible. “SEAL Team” doesn’t often use flashbacks or time jumps, but it could on a larger scale like a movie.

Currently, Max Thieriot is the only cast member not signed on for the movie. But, that could change once we learn more about “Cal Fire.”