‘SEAL Team’ Creator Adds Former ‘Hawaii Five-0’ Star To New Crime Drama

by Anna Dunn

The SEAL Team creator has added a former Hawaii Five-0 star to his new crime drama. The new drama called Topangaland, follows a chill ex-cop who works for his infamous father’s private detective agency. The cases he works on takes him from Malibu to Topanga to Venice and other spots in Southern California. In Topangaland, the lead character will have to solve these cases all while juggling a complex relationship with his father and the rest of his oddball family.

According to Deadline, Scott Caan, who played Danno on the hit CBS series Hawaii Five-0, will star.

Scott Caan also wrote and helped produce the show alongside SEAL Team creator Benjamin Cavell. The new project, just like SEAL Team and Hawai’i Five 0, comes from CBS studios. CBS bought up the project as they were looking to work with Scott Cann again after the end of Hawaii Five-0‘s successful run.

‘SEAL Team’ Heading into its Fifth Season

Meanwhile, SEAL Team is still an ongoing project. The show, lead by David Boreanaz, is heading into its fifth season this fall. The show will air its first four episodes on CBS before moving to Paramount +.

It isn’t the best news for fans who don’t want to subscribe to another streaming service. However, it rocks for people who were worried the show would be canceled altogether.

David Boreanaz, the star of the show since its premiere in 2017, has campaigned for its renewal. Now, he gets to bask in it. He recently posted a photo of himself and the SEAL Team squad in front of a helicopter as promo for the upcoming season, saying that “Season 5 is coming in hot!”

SEAL Team also does its best with realism. Per TV Tropes, one actor, three advisors, and multiple extras have actually served in the armed forces. With a team of advisors on board, the show is able to capture a more nuanced and complex picture of their characters.

This helped David Boreanaz, who hadn’t served, portray his character better as well.

It’s tough when you look at these SEALs and understand what they do. I didn’t fully understand what these guys did and when I signed on, I became more aware,” he told CBS when the show first premiered. Now, Boreanaz acts as a fierce advocate for Veteran services and wants to use SEAL Team to bring awareness to some of the more difficult experiences they face.

The show faced cancellation last year, and depending on how well it does this year, it’s hard to say how much longer the drama will last. Meanwhile, the new show from SEAL Team creator Benjamin Cavell doesn’t have a release date, but the premiere for SEAL Team does. You can catch the return of SEAL Team on Sunday, October 10th on CBS.