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‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Used to Battle Bradley Cooper for Roles Before Success

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Almost every actor has a story about their come-up. That includes SEAL Team star, David Boreanaz. Before his career took off, he competed for roles with Bradley Cooper.

Both being Philly guys, Boreanaz has a good relationship with Cooper. He says that the actor is “a great guy.” When he talked to Parade.com in 2019, the actor talked about the come-up in the acting world. He ended up meeting and seeing other stars that are now household names. However, it was Cooper who he remembers competing with during those early years.

“I remember Bradley Cooper very early on, and we’d go up against each other for auditions for different roles. He’s from Philadelphia and he’s a great guy,” the SEAL Team star explained.

The grind is real in the acting world. There are few opportunities that pay off. Hitting your big break is very difficult and only a few ever make it to that level. For Boreanaz, it took time. While he wasn’t getting every role he auditioned for, he was able to refine his skills, and eventually, he was able to land a great gig. He took improv classes, acted in local theater, and never stopped trying. His first big hit role was as Angel on Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Of course, he took the costar spot on the hit show Bones. That was the role that sent him from relatively known to a household name and face. He has just improved his position since then. Now, as the star of SEAL Team, he has been solidifying his spot as a beloved actor with recognizable characters. Bradley Cooper might be in more box office hits, but Boreanaz has made a good living on the small screen. He looks like he isn’t ready to quit any time soon, either.

‘SEAL Team’ David Boreanaz on His Role as Jason Hayes

Over the years on SEAL Team, David Boreanaz has been giving fans a fun, exciting, and convincing performance as Jason Hayes. The Tier 1 operator has been having a hard time recently. The tolls of the job have weighed heavy on him. His physical and mental health is not at 100% and his Bravo Team members are worried.

His performance as Hayes has not just connected with fans but has connected with the actor as well. He said that he is, “more in tune,” with Hayes than any other role he has played. That closeness and connection have made viewers including veterans grateful for the portrayal the show gives. It is an important role for Boreanaz and that shows in his performance in each episode.

One of the steps that Boreanaz takes on SEAL Team is to make sure he pays respects to the real-life veterans. The helmet he wears is not a prop. In fact, the helmet that viewers see Hayes wear is authentic as it gets. The SEAL that pitched the show to CBS wore that helmet in deployment. It’s the little things.