‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Believes Move to Paramount+ Makes Show ‘Darker’ and Better

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that CBS’ hit series SEAL Team is set to move to Paramount+ for its fifth season, David Boreanaz states that the switch has actually made the show darker and even better than before. 

During his May 2021 interview with Entertainment Weekly, Boreanaz opened up about how SEAL Team’s move to Paramount+ by stating he thinks the platform puts the show’s cast and crew in the game.

“Look at Amazon. Look at Netflix. [Look at] their success of their shows and what you cannot do on network television,” he explains. He also says there are a lot of standards and practices had to adhere to while on CBS. Some of which they didn’t really want to adhere to.

“It sometimes was a frustrating place to be,” the SEAL Team star says. “Because we really want to be honest and trustful with these episodes. [The move] allows us to go darker.”

Boreanaz explains he isn’t saying that SEAL Team will change the wheel because the show has already established great characters. “It’s just a matter of shifting it up and doing some things that are going to be a lot of fun.”  

In regards to how SEAL Team will transition from CBS to Paramount+, Boreanaz states the cast and crew are getting four episodes done with the network first, which will air in the fall. “I think that’s a good launching pad for us. It allows us to kind of sell that transition,” he adds. 

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Also during his interview with Entertainment Weekly, Boreanaz admits there’s more to the switch than just being able to say curse words.

“I’ve been in network TV for over 20 years and now I can drop the F-bomb? But it’s not about dropping the F-bomb. You have to earn those moments.”

Boreanaz also says that the SEAL Team cast will be more “readily” earn on a streaming platform. “We can really go there now, and that’s going to be interesting, really. I’m excited about it.”

Boreanaz also admits that there’s some stress when it comes to worrying if SEAL Team would be renewed for another season.

“Regardless of the show, there’s always a sense when you come to the end of the season if you’re going to get renewed,” he says. Boreanaz notes that the show is a very strong performer for CBS, especially on Wednesday nights. 

“If you’re asking me, I’m going to be partial and say that I think that we’re the best show on television that isn’t a cable show,” the SEAL Team star proclaims. “We really push the limits of what we can do. Coming out of this year because of the pandemic, it kind of increased the anxiety.”