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‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Says ‘It’s a Blessing’ To Share Veterans’ Stories

by Matthew Memrick
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

What would “SEAL Team” be without its veteran staff and stories? We hate to think about it, but star David Boreanaz said, “it’s a blessing” to share their stories.

The actor, who also produces the show, said the show likes to share veterans’ stories and address the mental health issues from serving in dangerous parts of the world.

Boreanaz plays Master Chief Special Warfare Operator Jason Hayes, and he also is the leader of the Bravo team. At the same time, his character in the show’s recent seasons is suffering from some mental health issues. Many of the service members he leads have some problems they’re coming to terms with as well.

The 52-year old told Entertainment Tonight that he’s “so humbled to play a character that can show this (struggle).”

‘SEAL Team’ Needed To Address Veterans’ Mental Health Stories

Boreanaz has worked to bring their sacrifices to the small screen. And he thinks it’s very easy to forget them unless something catastrophic or tragic happens.

But “SEAL Team” keeps their stories in focus.

“To be able to play this role, and with this group of guys that are involved, has allowed us to really kind of get into these issues of what they’re struggling with [and] mental health, Boreanaz said. “And it’s deep and it’s scary to watch it unfold.”

Veterans play both in front of and behind the camera in this series. With the show exclusively on the Paramount+ Network, Boreanaz and the display can flex its muscles a little bit more. Yeah, there have been a few more F-bombs, but fans can’t wait to see more.

The star has said Bravo Team is going to Venezuela at some point during this season. That trip will force Hayes to come to terms with his “brain issues.”

Boreanaz said an episode he directed would show more of what a service member deals with in a high combat area.

“(Hayes) could’ve really caused a major problem (in this episode), which leads into the Venezuela hit, which is the end of season 4’s run,” Boreanaz said. 

‘SEAL Team’ Man On Fire Episode

Is Hayes starting to fall apart now? There could be some telling signs that Boreanaz’s character may have to address in the most recent episode and soon.

In the rescue of Mandy Ellis, Bravo Team members start to see their leader’s erratic decisions and wonder about him. Being a leader means split-second decisions, and the move to drive the fiery cars into a building may be rash. Granted, everyone survived, but it doesn’t take much with a little explosive to cause bigger booms. Spencer is trying to help his veteran boss out more. Plus, Hayes is leaning more on Clay for help.

Sunday’s “What’s Past Is Prologue” episode will air Sunday on the Paramount+ network.