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‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Breaks Down ‘Adversity’ Jason Hayes Faces

by John Jamison
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

There’s little easy about the life of a Navy SEAL. SEAL Team star David Boreanaz has faced that reality portraying Jason Hayes over the last four years. He opened up about the challenges his character deals with daily in a promo video posted to Instagram.

As the leader of Bravo Team, David Boreanaz’s Jason Hayes has a tremendous amount of pressure resting on his shoulders. He is responsible for the lives of his men and is expected to deliver results each and every time his team is sent out on a mission. But he is required to do so while dealing with his own personal struggles.

For Jason Hayes, those struggles take the form of TBI—traumatic brain injury. David Boreanaz’s SEAL Team leader is accustomed to taking a beating. But as a man in his 40s, those beatings are beginning to catch up with him. The human body, and brain especially, can only take so much.

“He can wear and tear, and he can burn rubber—a Ferrari F8 that understands the pounding of a Mustang. He’s a handful,” said Boreanaz. “There will be an issue in one of these episodes touching back into some of the brain issues he had in the past, some TBI.”

As Season 5 of SEAL Team transitions to Paramount+, the show is putting an increased focus on the impact of Jason Hayes’ brain injuries. The promo video shows him taking account of the items he has in his fridge, struggling even to keep track of the few condiments there.

We can’t be sure whether the episode Boreanaz discusses will be tonight’s new SEAL Team offering. But expect some fireworks from “Conspicuous Gallantry.” The episode description details an operation that turned bad. And the situation will undoubtedly have far-reaching consequences.

David Boreanaz Calls Upcoming ‘SEAL Team’ Episode ‘Powerful’

While we’re not sure the exploration of Jason Hayes’ struggles will come on Sunday night’s episode, we know it’s on the way. And based on Boreanaz’s description, it may prove to be a bit more emotional than a typical SEAL Team episode.

“It’s a very powerful episode,” continued Boreanaz. “And one that will springboard us to discover a little bit deeper where that trauma exists for Jason Hayes. So it’s going to be fun to examine that. He’s given me a lot to take away from, and also just a very humbling experience as well.”

We know plenty you Outsiders were hesitant at the show’s transition to Paramount+—a paid streaming service. But one positive coming from the change is SEAL Team’s newfound ability to fully embrace the gritty, intense nature of its subject matter.