‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Opened Up on ‘Being More in Tune’ with Hayes Than Any Other Role

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Over the now five seasons of SEAL Team, the show has gotten praise from veterans and others for its portrayal of the team and the events. Star David Boreanaz knows that’s because of the care they take when making the show.

For the Jason Hayes actor, the show is important. His character is really important. Hayes has become very close to Boreanaz and he has tried to show that on-screen. The actor spoke to Parade about the role and what it means to him that the show is so well received.

“He is really important to me and, playing him, I feel more in tune as I’ve ever been with a character,” he said. Boreanaz also has the role of executive producer on the show. So, when it comes to the content viewers see, he has a big part in that.

Since SEAL Team was pitched by a real-life SEAL, the show tries to stay true to reality. When it comes to making the show accurate he says, “It’s intense.”

“We’ve gotten very positive feedback from veterans, Tier-One operators, and armed forces people thanking us.” He says that he has a goal to, “shine light on these guys who suffer in what they do for a living and how they protect us.”

Jason Hayes has had his share of challenges this season. The character is not having a great time. There are the physical damages and tolls his body takes. However, there is also a mental battle being fought in his own head. As Boreanaz portrays Hayes going through these struggles, it adds to the reputation of the show and the character. It’s all thanks to that Tier 1 operator that brought his idea for the show to CBS.

‘SEAL Team’ Star Wears Helmet to Honor Veteran

Speaking of that real-life SEAL that brought the show to the network, Boreanaz makes sure to honor that veteran all the time. Hollywood is full of props. Costumes, makeup, sets, fake rocks, weights, and so much more. However, there is one piece of gear that Boreanaz wears on SEAL Team that is 100% authentic.

That operator was sent on 13 different deployments. One of those included the mission to assassinate Osama Bin Laden. On-screen, fans will see that Hayes rocks a unique helmet. The Bravo Team member is actually wearing the helmet that the same SEAL wore in real life.

“I wear his helmet,” Boreanaz said. “I could wear a lighter [prp] helmet, but I decided to wear his actual helmet to honor him and I will do that through the whole series of its run.”

That is what makes SEAL Team so intriguing to viewers. The dedication to honor those real-life vets in big ways and the small details.