Why ‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Never Felt Like He ‘Made It’ in Hollywood

by Megan Molseed

For David Boreanaz, if something comes easy to him, he doesn’t feel like he’s “accomplished” something great. The “SEAL Team” actor feels that in order to really declare something to be an accomplishment, it must first be preceded by tangible, hard, exhausting work.

This is why, the actor says, that even years after his name became known among Hollywood scenes; as well as several successful television moments from “Buffy The Vampire Slayer,” to “Bones,” or his current hit, “SEAL Team” the star never felt as if he has really “made it” in the business.

“SEAL Team” Star Thrives On Accomplishments

“I never felt like I made it,” the actor said of his career that has spanned nearly thirty years.

“I love after a long run, or something, how the body feels exhausted and mentally [spent],” the actor explained in a discussion with Parade magazine.

The “SEAL Team” star noted that it is this sort of accomplishment that has signaled success in his mind. The exhaustion at the end of the task; along with a noted example of the accomplishment to look back on when done.

“I remember when I was a kid, I would cut the grass and it took all day,” he explained. “Then I’d look back and see how perfect the lines were in the grass.”

“I’d say, ‘You know what? That was hard work,” Boreanaz continued of his interpretation of success

Hardwork Always Pays Off

David Boreanaz describes himself as a person who needs to be able to see the hard work behind him before he can declare success. Certainly, the rest of the world sees the successful actor when we look at the “SEAL Team” star. But David Boreanaz says he doesn’t feel that the trail of hard work has been enough to describe it as a “success.”

“I’m a hard-work guy,” Boreanaz said. “That, to me, is accomplishment in itself.”

Boreanaz is widely known for his charming smile and relaxed demeanor. It helps that he’s delivered in some of television’s best moments in some of the most iconic shows. The actor may not yet be exhausted; however, he is definitely successful.

In fact, after portraying a wide array of characters across several genres, his success is extremely apparent. From portraying Angel on the massively popular series “Buffy the Vampire” series to the resulting spin-off – his character’s namesake –“Angel,” to FBI Special Agent, Seeley Booth on “Bones,” and so much in between it is easy to say the actor is a success.

The fact Boreanaz has a hard time accepting that he’s made it in the business just solidifies how good of an actor the “SEAL Team” star is. Clearly, acting is one of Boreanaz’s gifts.