‘SEAL Team’: Emmet Quinn Actor John Savage Hopes the Show Brings Attention To Real-World Veterans Organizations

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images for NALIP)

As the series SEAL Team continues to be a huge hit, John Savage, who plays Emmet Quinn, reveals what he hopes that the show is attracting its audience to real-world veterans organizations. This includes organizations like Save A Warrior (SAW), and Texas’s Mission 22.

During his July 2020 interview with Assignmentx, Savage said that he wants SEAL Team to attract viewers to organizations like Save A Warrior (SAW), and Texas’s Mission 22. Both organizations notably work to help address PTSD and depression among veterans.

“The guys at SAW are active with the areas of recovery for men and women,” the SEAL Team cast member explained. “They have men and women who are maybe just turning thirty. They were in the service, in active duty, for ten to fifteen years. And some of them can’t face this world. Men and women who are doctors are going to those groups. Because they’re under too much stress.”

Savage also spoke about his performance on SEAL Team being considered for an Emmy. 

“I see a great deal that we need to see in the images that are portrayed on the program. Just the interaction of those people. And where we might be inspired.”

Savage then compared SEAL Team to what it’s like for real-life veterans.  “A lot of [military people] want to isolate when they come back from special duty, and a lot of their buddies won’t let them. ‘You’re here now. We’re here. We’re with you.’ Shake them up a little bit, bring them back to being on the team.”

‘SEAL Team’ John Savage Shares Details About His Veterans Experience 

Also during his interview with Assignmentx, the SEAL Team castmate spoke about his experience with veterans. “My family, my father, my grandfather, and their wives and the communities that were evening in the ‘50s. With vets and the government support.”

The SEAL Team cast member then revealed his grandpa served in France in World War I. His relative watched the effects of gas on a thousand American troops there.

“There were thousands of people killed by gas. For me, we have this evidence in our difficulties in family, in community, especially now. We have to consider what options we should be taking.”

Savage states the CBS series is a helpful portrayal of highly trained young men coming back from their duty. “Special activities with the SEAL Team, and their officers are women back in the camp. The interaction with everybody is just remarkable.”

SEAL Team is currently in its fifth season. The show premiered on CBS on September 27, 2017. It now has 82 episodes. Starring in the show is David Boreanaz, Max Thieriot, Jessica Pare, Neil Brown Jr., and A.J. Buckley.