‘Seal Team’ Faces a Tense Undercover Assignment in Upcoming Episode

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

The “SEAL Team” guys are facing a mission like no other mission they’ve ever been on; they’re going on an undercover op in South America that could last up to 6 months. They’ll be given new identities and be separated from the Department of Defense. No communication, no nothing. They’re going to have to fend for themselves.

Can they do it, though? That’s the question. With Jason’s leadership being called into question, and his continuing stress and memory issues, can he survive this?

Additionally, Clay and Stella will be facing a lot of stress with this new mission. Stella went into early labor in the previous episode and gave birth prematurely. Now, Clay has to leave on a long mission with no communication; Stella won’t know where he is, what he’s doing if he’s alive or not. All while caring for their baby alone.

Sonny is also a new father, having told Hannah that he wants to make things work even with his feelings for Lisa Davis. He wants to be there for his child, and he’s been stepping up recently. Now, he has to take another step back, and leave them as well.

Ray has also been suffering from post-traumatic stress after his abduction and torture. It doesn’t seem like anyone is ready for this mission, but they have to go on it. They have to leave their families, and they have to work through their mental health issues. Although realistically, Ray and Jason should be grounded if their problems are affecting them that much; but that doesn’t make for good TV, does it.

‘SEAL Team’: David Boreanaz Feels More ‘In Tune’ With Jason Hayes

David Boreanaz has played Jason Hayes on “SEAL Team” for nearly 5 years, and he says that, of all his roles, he feels the most in tune with Jason.

“He is really important to me and, playing him, I feel more in tune as I’ve ever been with a character,” he said in a conversation with Parade. When asked what it’s like filming the highly accurate military drama, Boreanaz replied, “It’s intense.”

“We’ve gotten very positive feedback from veterans,” he said of the show. “Tier-One operators, and armed forces people thanking us.” Boreanaz said that his goal with “SEAL Team” is to “shine light on these guys who suffer in what they do for a living and how they protect us.”

Recently, Jason Hayes has been doing just that; the character is struggling with a traumatic brain injury that’s hindering his memory and his ability to lead Bravo Team. In the previous episode, he was actually doing some research into TBIs instead of pretending he doesn’t have one. That’s a step in the right direction for Jason. He also tried to convey to Mandy “the toll this job takes on your body and your brain.” He tried to express his emotions but found it difficult. But, at least he’s trying.