‘SEAL Team’ Fans Have Some Major Complaints After Show Left CBS

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.)

Many people enjoy the shocks and spooks of Halloween. However, many fans of the hit military drama SEAL Team feel like they got all the tricks and no treats this year. The show aired on CBS for just over four seasons. They even aired the first four episodes of the current fifth season on the TV network. Then, on Halloween, the show vanished from the network. Now, fans have to subscribe to Paramount+ to watch the rest of the action.

This move makes plenty of sense. SEAL Team showrunners have a little more freedom on the streaming service. They can get away with more now that they’re not restricted by CBS’ standards and practices board. At the same time, they don’t have to worry about commercials. According to Newsweek, David Boreanaz spoke out on this perk of the move. “The biggest difference is that obviously in the streaming world, there are no commercials, so we could tell our stories a lot better, I think,” he said of the move. He went on to say, “I don’t want to say that it’s going to be completely different, but we’re going to be able to go a little bit deeper and darker and lighter in a lot of areas.” In all, Boreanaz said, they’d get about 18 more minutes of screen time. It seems like a great move for the show, right?

Well, that depends on who you ask.

‘SEAL Team’ Fans React to the Show’s Move to Streaming

After last night’s SEAL Team episode, the show’s official Instagram account made a post about the night’s action. Many fans flocked to the comment section to talk about how much they enjoyed the episode. The ones who were able to watch it, that is. The rest of the comments section was full of angry fans who weren’t able to see the action unfold.

One fan came forward and seemingly synthesized everyone’s complaints into a single sentence. “It sucks you have to pay to watch it now,” they said. Paramount+ offers several plans. The cheapest of those plans comes in at around five bucks a month after taxes and contains commercial breaks. The ad-free plan comes in at a little over ten bucks a month. That may not seem like much but it’s a big enough change to keep some people away. This is especially true for those who watched four seasons of the show for free but now have to pay.

SEAL Team is only available on Paramount+. However, it seems like that’s only here in the States. One fan decided to scream their frustrations into the comment section’s void. “FIX THE LICENSING ISSUES WHICH IS NOW KEEPING SEAL TEAM OFF PPLUS IN CANADA.” There is currently no word on whether the implementation of the caps lock key pushed Paramount to sort out the problem.

 A much calmer fan chimed in, saying, “After 4 years of dedicated viewing, this is infuriating.”

New episodes of SEAL Team drop every Sunday exclusively on Paramount+.