‘SEAL Team’ Fans Sound Off on Whether They’ll Follow Show to Paramount+

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“Seal Team” has officially moved to Paramount+ and some fans are thrilled for what that means for the show, while some are a little bummed. TV Line put out a poll of “Seal Team” fans to see who’s staying and who’s going.

According to the TV Line Twitter, 40% of viewers will follow the show to Paramount+. Unfortunately, 43% said episode 4 was their last. Nearly 9% said maybe, while 7% said they’d wait until all the episodes are up before subscribing.

Oct. 31 saw the last of the CBS-aired “Seal Team” episodes. Episode 5 will air on Paramount+. Fans took to Twitter to discuss their opinions on the switch, and thoughts were mixed.

“Sad to say a big no for me,” commented one former fan. “This was my new favorite show Seasons 1 & 2. I gave up watching 1/3 of the way into this year’s episode 1 and have no plans to start again. What was a show providing insight into the Elite military life is now just a very whiny soap opera.”

Another fan wrote that they were having trouble accessing the show in their country. “Need another option […] Paramount+ is only available in the USA.”

There were succinct yeses and nopes from fans and former fans. One commenter wrote, “I resent the coercion! We have Paramount+ but this move is heavy handed! How can we afford to pay for every service?”

It seems like a lot of fans are sad and upset that the show moved to Paramount+. Even though the move gives “Seal Team” more freedom to explore the stories they want to, fans are not exactly thrilled. Unfortunately for “Seal Team,” this heavy loss in viewership could spell cancelation.

‘Seal Team’: Problems at Home For Jason Hayes

In the Oct. 31 episode of “Seal Team” titled “Need to Know,” Jason Hayes found himself dealing with problems close to home. His daughter, Emma, wants to move in with her boyfriend, and Jason adamantly thinks it’s a bad idea. He wants her to finish school and for her boyfriend Brad to find a job before they even talk about it. But, Brad reveals that he’s already enlisted in the Navy. He wants to be like Jason.

Jason stands firm in his decision, and leaves his distraught daughter standing in the driveway. He has to go, because Bravo Team is shipping out to Africa to stop a string of terrorist attacks. When they get to their location, though, it’s clear that the CIA has been there for some time. Things get convoluted then, and plans change back and forth between the SEALs and the CIA.

Also, Jason and Ray discuss Ray’s PTSD, and the fact that someone ratted him out to command. Ray has been seeking help after his kidnapping and torture ordeal. For someone to tell on him like that is a total breach of confidence. Ray seemed visibly shaken by the news, but Jason was there to have his back.