‘SEAL Team’: Has the Show Been Renewed for Season 5?

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

It’s cancellation and renewal season for network TV. There’s hopeful news for SEAL Team fans! While there hasn’t been an official renewal by its home network CBS yet, a fifth season renewal is starting to look more promising. Deadline recently took a look at some of the CBS shows still awaiting renewal. Other shows awaiting renewal include Clarice, United States of Al, The Unicorn, B Positive, and All Rise.

Due to the pandemic causing delays, these shows can expect to hear back from CBS later than usual.

If you’re out of the SEAL Team loop, the show follows a fictional team of Navy Seals. The team members deal with the mortal peril and psychological and social toll that comes with being at war.

Deadline indicated that SEAL Team was the most established and highest rated out of all of the CBS dramas on the list. CBS higher-ups reportedly like the show creatively, and it has a strong fanbase.

David Boreanaz, who formerly starred in hit shows Bones, and the Buffy spinoff, Angel, is campaigning for the show’s renewal. He doesn’t just play a military man on screen. He also advocates for veterans. In this Instagram photo, he made sure he made it clear who he thinks the “real heroes” of SEAL Team are and called for renewal.

“Real Vets are the real heroes behind CBS “Seal Team,” a caption above the photo reads. The official Instagram caption asks CBS for a chance to continue the show.

“Let’s keep it going @cbstv Thank you to all the fans and veterans for the support and love for this show.”

Challenges for ‘SEAL Team’

Unfortunately for SEAL Team, the biggest obstacle it faces when it comes to renewal is its high cost of production. Sadly, that’s a reason many shows, no matter how well-liked by fans, get canceled by their networks.

There’s a plus side, however, to the cost of SEAL Team. The author of the Deadline article, Nellie Andreeva, wrote about the financial advantages of a fifth season.

“I hear there is a desire to get one more season,” she wrote, “which would bring its run to 100 episodes, making its library more valuable for downstream sales including streaming, which would help CBS Studios recoup its costs and potentially see a profit.”

For the sake of its fans along with the hard-working cast and crew, let’s keep our fingers crossed that SEAL Team gets to continue.

But, just in case CBS doesn’t renew the show, SEAL Team actor Max Thieriot told TV Guide that they tried to button up loose ends for the season finale. The season was cut short due to the pandemic.

“Last season was probably our biggest struggle because we got cut short,” he admitted, “but we’re ending where we’re trying to end the season. I think every year we ended a good place.”