‘SEAL Team’: Here’s What Jason’s Next Move May Be

by Jonathan Howard

Fans of SEAL Team can take a sigh of relief now that Season 6 has been green-lit. So, Outsiders, what is next for Jason Hayes (David Boreanaz)?

After the finale of Season 5, fans weren’t sure what to think. The series ended in a way that left it up to speculation. They were under fire in Mali after getting out of Venezuela. So, depending on how the new season decision went, the show had options.

There is the dark ending. If the show gets canceled and no one wants to do it or pick it up, perhaps Bravo Team perishes in that mission. Or, it allows SEAL Team to be paused. In case there was a gap in the series. Then there is the reality we are in now, a new season where the team fights their way out. Hopefully.

With a new season in the future, there are more questions to ask than what happens in Mali. What is going to happen with the members of the team? Like Jason. He has a lot going on in case you didn’t know from this season. He needs to heal, that’s for sure. Heal his mental health, physical health, and personal relationships. Surely, he will survive the firefight in Mali, right? Boreanaz ain’t going anywhere, in my opinion, and that’s not much of a risky take.

Also, Jason has a future with Mandy. At least, he hopes that he has a future with her. SEAL Team has a chance to change some stories up and really develop characters. Season 6 has a lot of possibilities. That means for better or worse. Is Jason going to have a story that is for the better?

‘SEAL Team’ Star Looks Ahead to ‘Next Mission’

There aren’t many people that were more excited about SEAL Team having a Season 6 green light than David Boreanaz. The star and executive producer loves the show. He clearly has a deep passion for the project. Soon after the news came out about the new season, Boreanaz took to Instagram to show his excitement.

“And we are BACK!” he exclaimed in the caption of his post. “Thank you to the fans, and great cast and crew. We look forward to our next mission!”

The Jason Hayes actor is always ready to go it seems. As one of the creative forces behind the show, it has a special place in his heart. A new season means a new set of episodes to tell new stories and give new perspectives. Jason, Clay, and the rest of Bravo are in for quite a change on SEAL Team.

There could be a lot of big changes on the other side of things in Mali. There is only one way to find out. Wait for the new season and hope that Bravo Team gets out of there in one piece.