‘SEAL Team’: How David Boreanaz Overcame Being ‘Pushed Around’ in Childhood to Find Acting

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jason Mendez/Getty Images)

David Boreanaz, originally from Buffalo, New York, saw his passion for acting kickstart after he experienced some bullying in his new school. This took place following a move from his NY home to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Fortunately for Boreanaz fans, the now-famous actor managed to see himself out of that kind of environment. Further, he worked hard to attain the fame which he claims today.

During an interview with Parade, he said, “When I moved to Philadelphia, I got pushed around a lot and had to try to find my way,” as many new kids on the block do. At the time, he was 7 years old. “It was a different environment than Buffalo,” he said.

However, the media outlet said that after the actor’s first time appearing on stage and in front of his classmates, he knew exactly where his passion lie.

Boreanaz followed his newfound passion all the way to college where he attended Ithica College in New York. There, he pursued a degree in cinema and photography, graduating in 1991. However, like many contemporary college graduates, the “SEAL Team” actor struggled to find work immediately after graduation.

And for those in that situation now, know you’re not alone. Early on, Boreanaz crashed on his sister’s couch in Los Angeles before finally scoring a gig.

“SEAL Team” Star David Boreanaz Differs as an Actor as He Didn’t Receive Classical Training

Despite David Boreanaz’s rough start in the acting industry, he has held some hit roles over the years. Previously, he starred in famous series like “Buffy the Vampire Slayer,” “Angels,” and most recently, “Bones” prior to his latest role on “SEAL Team.”

While Boreanaz’s face is a popular one now in Hollywood, he claims he thrives in his roles as he wasn’t classically trained.

During an earlier interview with Variety, Boreanaz said, “I’m very much street-oriented and I take my experiences and use them a lot.” As an actor who quite literally got his start on the streets of Los Angeles, he has more easily been able to adapt and work through difficult life circumstances. In this way, he applies the morals and lessons learned in real life to the roles in which he stars.

Additionally, the actor provided fans with a little tidbit of information he learned throughout his career. And that’s that you really have little to no control over the things that take place in life. “One of the things I’ve learned,” he shared, “is that you can’t carry everything on your shoulders.”

He explained that because you only have control over “your three-foot-world” and little else, you need to put faith in the idea that things happen for a reason. And if something doesn’t work in your favor, it probably means something else better awaits.