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‘SEAL Team’: How Judd Lormand Earned Role of Eric Blackburn

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

Just a couple of years after he scored the role as Eric Blackburn on SEAL Team, actor Judd Lormand opened up about what drew him to the hit military drama television series’ character. 

During his interview with Pop-Culturalist in 2018, the SEAL team star revealed what interested him about his character.

“He is the strategist of the group. Every now and then, he’s out on the field with the guys, doing what he has to do, but he’s typically the guy at command who’s telling them where the guys are and how fast they need to get out.”

The SEAL Team castmate also desired his character as being the one that’s ultimately responsible for what happens on a mission. If something goes wrong, he’s going to hear about it from his superiors. 

“For Blackburn, the task at hand is getting his guys to accomplish the mission as effectively and safely as possible,” the SEAL Team actor continued. “Many times, he’s working with foreign leaders. So, he needs to deal with their agendas.”

When asked how he earned the role, the SEAL Team cast member stated, “As an actor, you’re always trying to get work. You audition for everything you can. It’s the equivalent of throwing a bunch of things against a wall and seeing what sticks.”

However, Lormand admitted that after he got the job on SEAL Team, he still hadn’t read the full script. “Many times as an actor, you don’t get the whole script. You get chopped-up scenes that you’re in to audition with. So I didn’t know the big picture. The full story.”

After a fitting, Lormand went back to the hotel and read the entire script. “I was immediately like, ‘Wow! This is incredible. This is amazing television.”

Judd Lormand Recalls His First Experiences on the Set of ‘SEAL Team’ 

While continuing his chat with Pop-Culturalist, SEAL Team star Judd Lormand recalled his first experiences on the set of the hit series. “I kept seeing the dailies of what we were shooting and how it was coming out, and I was blown away,” Lormand said. He then got to meet the cast and crew. They all hit it off really quick. 

Lormand goes on to share here were a few things the attracted him to SEAL Team. “The story, what is was about; how it was written; the crew, cast, and the producers. They had a sincere vision of what they were trying to accomplish.”

Although he was originally set to be a guest star on the series, Lormand stated he believes everyone’s approach to his character had changed. “His role was to give the team their mission. And to help them get out of trouble when they’re on the ground. That was his purpose.”