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‘Seal Team’: How Many Episodes Are Left in 2021?

by John Jamison
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

It’s a turbulent time for SEAL Team fans. The series has moved over to Paramount+ exclusively, leaving many with no choice but to pay for the streaming service. And even the fans who are on board with the transition have questions. How many episodes are left in 2021? And why does a streaming show need to take a holiday break?

To answer the first, more pressing question, SEAL Team diehards can expect two more episodes this year. They’re set to release over the next two Sundays. New episodes will resume in early January after a few weeks’ break, continuing Season 5.

Now to address some of the fan frustration stemming from the move to Paramount+. Many have criticized the move, citing an unwillingness to pay for a streaming subscription when the show has been watchable on CBS for the last four years. It’s a fair gripe, though one also has to consider a world in which there would have been no SEAL Team Season 5 at all had the Paramount opportunity not been an option.

That said, fans are also wondering why on earth a show that is now shown exclusively on a watch-as-you’d-like streaming platform is taking a month-long holiday break. It certainly doesn’t gel with the consistent content to which streaming subscribers have grown accustomed.

Beyond that, holiday breaks for network shows have traditionally been tied to ratings and advertising costs. These metrics are important for content on a streaming platform like Paramount+, but not in the same way.

Of course, Season 5 of SEAL Team did start airing on CBS for its first few weeks before making the full leap. It’s not a typical situation for any show. Maybe we can chalk it up to that.

Jason Hayes Actor David Boreanaz Discussed ‘SEAL Team’ Moving to Paramount+

David Boreanaz stars in, produces, and occasionally directs the fan-favorite military drama. If anyone’s opinion is worth listening to when it comes to SEAL Team’s move away from CBS, it’s his. And the way he sees it, the future of the series is looking bright with Paramount+ as its home.

During an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Boreanaz talked about what fans can expect from the show going forward.

“The streaming format allows us just to do more, more action, more intense scenes. It just gives us that extra fabric of getting deeper into the character development and what these veterans and these characters struggle with, whether it’s PTS (post-traumatic stress) or TBI (traumatic brain injury),” said Boreanaz. “We’re gonna really be examining Jason’s, kind of, TBI creeping up on him, how it affects him, how it affects him at home, how it affects him when he’s on his big mission.”