‘SEAL Team’: How Portraying a Military Member Got Max Thieriot Excited to Take Role of Clay Spenser

by Suzanne Halliburton
Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images

Max Thieriot easily moved from a horror series like the Bates Motel to SEAL Team, a network series that gives fans a personal side to an elite military unit.

Thieriot is Clay Spenser in SEAL Team, a show that shifts from CBS to Paramount+ this fall. On the show, he’s a second-generation member of the SEAL Team. His character is smart and speaks multiple languages. But he needs to prove he’s up to being a member of such an elite military unit. Spenser is a Special Warfare Operator Second Class.

“I read the script honestly was so excited about the character and getting involved in a project like this,” the SEAL Team star said in 2017 during a Q&A with the site Seat42F.com.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of, first of all, action and, second, just so honored to be doing something like trying to portray our top-level tier one military men and women, and trying to just honor them as best as possible. After having to learn the things they’ve learned, they sacrifice so much and they’re putting so much to get to this level.”

Thieriot said he “could go on forever” about why he loves the show so much.

SEAL Team Follows Bravo Team Around the World

SEAL Team is a scripted drama that follows the Bravo Team. That team is part of the U.S. Navy. The show premiered in 2017 and features David Boreanaz, who has been a TV fixture since the 1990s. Jessica Pare and Neil Brown Jr. also play main characters with Boreanaz and Thieriot.

SEAL Team ran on Wednesday nights on CBS this past season. The audience dropped below 4 million as the season progressed. Rather than canceling the show, CBS opted to place it on its rebranded streaming service. Other scripted shows are there as well, including Evil, which also started on the network.

The show sends members of SEAL Team everywhere. But it may not be including any ripped-from-the-headlines episodes about the current situation in Afghanistan. Matt Webb Mitovich of TV Line recently answered a fan’s question about a possible Afghan episode.

“I am told that the team’s first Season 5 mission will take them to a completely different part of the world,” Webb Mitovich wrote. 

Meanwhile, the 32-year-old Thieriot is building businesses away from acting. He’s promoting Senses Wines, a vineyard he’s owned for the past decade. Earlier this month, he wanted his social media followers to taste the perfect Pinot Noir when it becomes available this fall. He posted a photo on Instagram and captioned it:

“Can’t wait to try the Pinot noir that comes from our Thieriot-Bodega vineyard! Good news is we have some other stunning wines in the Senses Wines fall release … cheers y’all!”

Stay tuned, SEAL Team returns, Oct. 10.