‘SEAL Team’: How Upcoming Episode Will Center Around Aftermath of 9/11

by Jonathan Howard

Ahead of Sunday night’s new episode of SEAL Team, there has been some talk about how the episode will center around the days after 9/11. It sounds like things are going to get very serious coming up on an all-new hour-long episode in season 5.

September 11, 2001, is not a topic to be taken lightly. As one of the most infamous days in American history, the event will be given a focus in the upcoming episode. The title for the third chapter of season 5 is Nine Ten. Most of the episode is going to take place prior to the terrorist attacks. Jason and the Bravo Team are highlighted.

Each team member is seen in a different predicament. Each individual was at a different place in their lives when the World Trade Center fell. It seems that this event is the pivotal one that led all of these paths to intersect with one another. Based on the actions of young Americans following 9/11, it makes sense that these SEALs would have their lives altered significantly by the attack.

Executive producer Spencer Hudnut had an insightful take on the episode. It gives fans something to expect heading into the Sunday night premiere.

“It’s an origin story. In the final act, we get to that horrible morning and see how that day impacted their lives and their future decisions that led them to Bravo.”

Since the season started, things have been tense. This is going to be more of an emotionally heavy episode and a break from the action. SEAL Team has been working in North Korea. Things got very intense there and a small break should be good for the storyline. Also, an origin episode is always necessary. This deep into the series, season 5, means fans are invested.

‘SEAL Team’ Squad Gets North Korean to Safety

During the mission in North Korea, Jason and Clay had a big mission ahead of them. Part of the mission was getting themselves close to their target. They had to get Jin out of the country. Sonny rigged a Jeep to blow up so Jason and Clay are able to grab Jin and rush out of the barracks just in time as guards were about to come through the door.

Jason and Clay encountered an issue with a minefield on the way out. After locating their telescoping metal rod, the three got to safety. Jin was out of the country and Bravo Team could get out of North Korea. Season 5 has not been good for Jason.

During the season he has suffered from headaches as well as forgetfulness. Clay spoke with the team, however, there hasn’t been much done about it. Then, the last episode ended as Jason tried to remember what he had in his fridge.