‘SEAL Team’: How Will Max Thieriot’s Upcoming CBS Series Affect His Participation in Season 6

by Lauren Boisvert

“SEAL Team” star Max Thieriot is working on a new project; will that affect how often we see him on “SEAL Team”? In the finale episode, Thieriot’s character Clay Spenser told Jason Hayes that their current mission was his “last run with Bravo.” Is that setting Thieriot up to leave the show?

Things are up in the air for Bravo team. They were in the middle of a firefight when we saw them last. Everyone’s fates are currently undecided, including Clay’s.

As for Max Thieriot, he’s working on an interesting new first responder series for CBS. “Cal Fire” follows inmate Bode Donovan as he joins a firefighting program in search of a shortened prison sentence and redemption. The job sends him back to his hometown in Northern California.

This is an interesting concept, one born by Thieriot himself. The premise comes from a story written by Thieriot, Tony Phelan, and Joan Rater. The story takes inspiration from Thieriot’s hometown in California, firmly nestled in the heart of wildfire country.

Additionally, it may be one of the first shows focusing on the divisive topic of incarcerated firefighters. In 2020, California fought over 600 fires; 192 of the crews involved were made up of inmates, according to USA Today. They are paid $2.90 a day, and work around the clock. It’ll be interesting to see if “Cal Fire” addresses the controversy involved with incarcerated firefighters, or if it’ll be another glorified account of being a first responder.

‘SEAL Team’ Star David Boreanaz Excited for Season 6

Whether or not Max Thieriot is involved, “SEAL Team” season 6 is still happening. David Boreanaz, who plays Jason Hayes, expressed his excitement for the new season on Instagram.

“And we are BACK!” he captioned the promo photo. “Thank you to the fans, and great cast and crew. We look forward to our next mission!”

Although Paramount+ does not release its ratings, similar to most streaming services, it seems that “SEAL Team” had the numbers it needed to keep going. The shift to Paramount+ seemed to work out for the show, even though a lot of fans expressed dismay at losing “SEAL Team” on CBS. Jason can say the F-word now, but it’s more than just swearing; the stories are darker and grittier, and the characters experience much more trauma than they were able to show on a network.

Story-wise, the shift was a good move. And, it seems that the show didn’t lose too many viewers in the process. Still, David Boreanaz wants “SEAL Team” to get more love. “Look, we’re the only military show on the air, but we just don’t get the respect. We don’t get the chops, man,” he told TV Line. They haven’t won any awards, but at least the fans are diehard.