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‘SEAL Team’: The Impact from COVID-19 on Show That Fans Never Saw

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“SEAL Team” is the type of show to go all in at all times. They use real equipment and employ actual veterans to make sure everything is as accurate as possible. They also train almost every day of the week to keep their physiques in tip top active-duty shape.

But COVID-19 had a little-known impact on the cast’s workout regimen. Earlier this year, AJ Buckley, who plays Sonny Quinn on “SEAL Team,” spoke about the show with Monsters & Critics. He chronicled some details of the narrative on the show, discussing Sonny and Lisa Davis’ relationship and Sonny’s new responsibilities as a father. He also spoke about some behind the scenes stuff, which included how the cast works out.

When asked if the actors all work out together, Buckley replied, “We did last year, but COVID, we don’t have a gym this year, which really sucks because all the gyms are closed.” COVID took a toll on a lot of businesses and establishments, leaving them to close earlier than normal or shut down altogether. Gyms were definitely impacted; indoor space, a lot of people, heavy breathing into the indoor space. Not ideal during pandemic conditions.

Buckley continued, “So, it’s just all these at-home workout things. So, I’m excited for this year to be over and the gyms to be back open.” So far this year, it looks like things in the US are opening back up, including gyms. “Hopefully, in season five, we can have our workout trailer back again,” Buckley said.

‘SEAL Team’ Has a Wall on Set Dedicated to Veterans

With a show like “SEAL Team,” which portrays an elite military squad, you know they take military life seriously. They like to honor veterans at every turn; whether it be hiring veterans in the industry to star or consult on the show, or setting up a wall for veteran photos and stories.

In a set tour video led by stars Jessica Pare and Toni Trucks, who play Mandy Ellis and Lisa Davis respectively, the two actors explained different parts of the “SEAL Team” sets, ending with a very special wall.

“We have 44-plus veterans that work with us on our show,” said Trucks, “and if any of them have any family or friends [in the military] we have this wall of dedication.” The wall is covered in photos and notes from cast and crew. The notes tell the stories of the veterans, and some photos look to date back to World War II. It’s a wonderful tribute to those who served or are still serving, showcasing their dedication. Wouldn’t expect anything less from “SEAL Team.”

A new “SEAL Team” airs this Sunday on Paramount+; Jason struggles with his mental health while Ray leads Bravo in a mission. Things come to a head for Jason when he’s called in to answer for his actions during the building explosion.