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‘SEAL Team’: Is Trent Going to Die?

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Screengrab/CBS ©2021 Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Look, SEAL Team has moved to Paramount+, but fans are still eager to see what is coming next. It looks like Trent is in deep trouble. As Episode 8 of Season 5 gets closer, we have a promo to look at and watch over and over until the weekend.

The Bravo team is just not having a great time this season. There have been team members with memory issues, others dealing with anger, almost suicidal missions, and so much more. Throughout the years, there have been shocking and heartbreaking losses on the team. Viewers are wondering if this is the end of Trent.

When it comes to the writers of SEAL Team, they aren’t afraid to kill off anyone. If the story is going to progress or be made better with one decision, then that is what will happen. Just like real-life SEALs this team has to deal with the reality of death. It might not make fans happy all the time, but it is one of the reasons they keep tuning in.

Check out the video below showing what happens after what was, “supposed to be a straightforward, capture-kill, op.” Try not to get goosebumps during this promo.

As viewers have learned over the years, nothing with SEAL Team is ever straightforward. There is going to be conflict just around the corner waiting to come out. Things look serious for the Bravo team as they look on helplessly at their brother in the hospital.

There isn’t enough in the video to read Trent his last rites yet, but that could very well be coming. Just get emotionally prepared in case things turn south on the new episode of SEAL Team.

‘SEAL Team’ Star: ‘Someone Will Not Survive’

Although that video isn’t enough to make a decision one way or another about Trent, we have other evidence something is going to happen. SEAL Team star David Boreanaz posted a cryptic caption with the promo video. On his Instagram, the actor might have let a little too much slip.

“Capture kill OP gone wrong…Bravo 1 on the ropes. Someone will not survive,” his post caption read. Well, only one member of the team is in the hospital, so does that mean Trent is indeed going to die? Perhaps not. That feels like giving away too much of the game. Maybe fans should worry about other characters, it would be quite a twist after these teasers.

SEAL Team continues Season 5 on Paramount+ this fall. The show has moved from regular television to the streaming platform. This could be the first death on the team on the new platform. That would be quite a memorable moment, for sure.