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‘SEAL Team’: Jason Seeks Refuge in an Upcoming Episode

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Erik Voake/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Another weekend and another episode of SEAL Team on Paramount+. It looks like Jason is going to keep dealing with his own personal issues.

As we get ready for episode 9 of season 5, fans are going to want to brace themselves. David Boreanaz’s character, Jason, has not had an easy time. This season really hasn’t been the best for Hayes. Apparently, during the episode, we are going to see him spending more time away from his team than with them.

After suffering a TBI, the SEAL Team member has not been himself. There are more to his injuries than just physical damage and that has been apparent during the season. One of the things that Boreanaz has been trying to make clear this season is about more than just the action in the field. He also wants to make it clear that Jason is a human, not a superhero.

We don’t know what is in store for Jason in the next episode exactly, but it should at least be a step in the right direction. By that, I mean he should have a clearer picture of what his future holds. Viewers, and Jason the character, are going to need to brace themselves. There isn’t a guarantee that he will be with Bravo Team for the long term. Jessica Pare will be back to play Mandy. Perhaps she will have guidance for Jason.

While the guys on SEAL Team seem like they are unbreakable at times, that is far from the truth. Jason’s experience this season alone shows how the human body can break down. Here’s the synopsis for the episode: Jason seeks refuge at home while Ray leads Bravo Team on an op accompanying British forces. “Close to Home” premieres Sunday, November 28 exclusively on Paramount+.

‘SEAL Team’ David Boreanaz Talks Jason Hayes Issues

As I mentioned earlier, David Boreanaz wants to make Jason a relatable character. While he is a strong, skilled, and smart member of SEAL Team, Hayes is not invincible. Earlier this month, the actor and director talked about his character and the issues he faces.

“He can wear and tear, and he can burn rubber – a Ferrari F8 that understands the pounding of a Mustang,” Boreanaz said. “He’s a handful. There will be an issue in one of these episodes touching back into some of the brain issues he had in the past, some TBI.”

Now, it appears that TBI is going to be a much bigger deal than some may have previously thought. Jason’s mental health on the show is being worn down just as much as he is physical. And, he isn’t doing great physically either. Viewers will have to tune in this weekend to a new episode of SEAL Team.