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‘SEAL Team’ Star Judd Lormand Broke Down the Uncertainty of an Acting Career

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images)

As we well know, beginning any kind of career from the offset poses a great challenge. However, acting, as a competitive and huge industry, poses some of the greatest challenges of all. One of which includes a pattern of uncertainty in between roles and “SEAL Team” star Judd Lormand took a quick moment to expand on that uncertainty and the obstacles which accompany it.

In an exclusive interview with the Pop Culturalist, Judd spoke to a number of experiences and behind-the-scenes topics fans don’t typically see on screen. However, his explanation of why the acting industry can be so difficult provides major insight for fans.

“In the beginning, prior to ‘SEAL Team,'” Lormand began, “I would always go from one gig to the next.” As if such rapid transition isn’t intense enough, he continued, “When you’re doing that, you might complete two or three days working on a movie, and you may have nothing lined up after that. You have no idea where the next paycheck is coming from.”

As many Outsiders know all too well, the case doesn’t always apply in acting. Nevertheless, it doesn’t present a major challenge within the industry.

The “SEAL Team” star also highlighted the stress it places both on the actor and their family. “You need a partner who’s able to pick up your slack when you’re gone, but also have the mentality that there are no guarantees on where the next check is coming from.”

Overall, it tends to present a swathe of difficulties that affect not only the individual but also the actor’s family. Fortunately now, Lormand sees a permanent role “SEAL Team” and Outsiders look forward to the character’s appearance each week. Catch “SEAL Team” on Paramount+ and CBS.

Lormand’s ‘SEAL Team’ Co-Star Breaks Down What Drives Him

We can learn a lot from our “SEAL Team” stars, and not just about the special forces unit. While Judd Lormand provides Outsiders with the difficulties of what it means to be an actor, another “SEAL Team” star has given us insight as to what drives him in portraying such an elite service member.

One of the biggest concepts in the acting industry is that eventually, you find your niche and you’ve “made it.” However, in contrast, “SEAL Team” star David Boreanaz states, he’s never felt as though he’s made it.

Instead, he shared that the work himself is what brings a sense of drive and purpose.

“I just work hard,” the actor shared previously with Parade. “I love after a long run, or something, how the body feels exhausted and mentally [spent]; it feels like a sense of accomplishment.”

In the end, it’s the sense of accomplishment that drives most things, however, in depicting such a challenging role, the difference must be extraordinary for an actor like Boreanaz.