‘SEAL Team’: Judd Lormand Doesn’t Think ‘Anyone’ Saw Blackburn’s Potential

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Ron P. Jaffe/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“SEAL Team” features a lot of great characters on the show; one favorite is Judd Lormand‘s Eric Blackburn, former commanding officer, now Executive Officer of DEVGRU. He’s smart and driven, but can also banter with the best of the guys. He can also get Jason to stand down when he’s a revenge-fueled bull-headed for a china shop. Because Jason and the rest of Bravo trust him; he hasn’t let them down.

Judd Lorman told Pop-Culturalist in 2019 that a lot of people’s thoughts about Blackburn changed; he was supposed to be a guest character but became a series regular. When asked if that changed his approach to the character, Lorman replied, “I think everyone’s approach to Blackburn changed. His role was to give the team their mission and to help them get out of trouble when they’re on the ground: that was his purpose. I don’t think any of us saw the potential right away.”

Lorman also spoke about Blackburn going into the field with Bravo on “SEAL Team”. He said, “That changed my physical idea of what the character should be. I was already working on changing my mentality to fit Blackburn’s. He’s upfront, he’s a thinker, he’s a strategist. He has to stay several steps ahead of people and what’s going on. That was the first step, mentally. Second, when I found out he may be on the field, it became a physical thing.”

He started training with the rest of the guys to get in active-duty shape and prepare to go into the field. “It’s been a journey throughout season one and even currently,” he said. “I’m always learning more with every script, and every time I talk to a different person who’s done this type of job, you add it to your repertoire.”

The ‘SEAL Team’ Guys Went on a ‘Journey’ in the Previous Episode

The latest “SEAL Team” episode found Bravo in the hospital with conflicting accounts of what happened to them. Clay went around to everyone on the team, recording their stories, but Jason’s didn’t match up.

Now, in the next episode, Jason is stuck in the states while Ray leads the team in the field. Jason commiserates with Mandy, who claims he’s taking work home with him. She says that their commanding officers will want a paper trail to deal with the fallout of the last mission. “Enemy got lucky with an RPG, all right? Everyone’s fine,” says Jason. Mandy counters with a succinct, “Clearly.”

Jason is visibly distressed throughout the exchange. He’s bothered, and stressed, and not on his game anymore. How it he going to handle this on the next “SEAL Team”?